What Is Our Middle East Strategy?

by RET423 on June 22, 2014

A question was recently asked in our forum that caused me to think about recent events in a broader context, “What is our strategy in the Middle East, do we even have one now?”.

These are the 4 options that first occurred to me and my analysis of how they might work out in the long haul;

1) The Bush strategy
Bank on the inherent human desire for individual liberty and self determination being just as true for those living in the middle east as everywhere else and focus our efforts on supporting those movements without concern for the short term consequences like prolonged resistance from Tyrannical groups and interruptions in the global trade of oil. This is a long term solution like the one we embraced after WW2 that included decades of involvement in European and Japanese affairs but has created strong allies from these bitter enemies and established an economic relationship that all but insures such World Wars between these Nations in the future is an improbable if not impossible occurrence.

2) The Obama strategy
Allow whoever is the most brutal and merciless faction in the middle east to roll over all the others, take over a massive portion of the worlds energy supply, enrich themselves sufficiently to enable them to dictate the affairs of other nations via their control of energy resources and fund the construction of a state of the art military machine equipped with the most horrific weaponry every conceived. Then hope that their gratitude for the U.S. “staying out of it” will motivate them to leave us be. In reality we will then either do as they tell us to do or watch them use these weapons or starve us and our allies of the energy resources we need to survive. The former would require a M.A.D. response and the latter would force our allies to shift their alliance from us to the Islamo-Fascists and ourselves to ramp up our domestic energy production as we await “our turn at the sword”. Hard to pick a preferable poison in that scenario, depends on whether you like the idea of a quick or slow death I suppose.

3) The “head in sand” or Isolationist strategy
This is not really another “strategy” but it effectively masquerades as one even though it is just a denial riddled version of the “Obama strategy” with some encouraging fringe benefits.
It involves first pretending that in our age against the current Islamo-Fascist enemy we only need to be concerned about an old school “invasion” of our borders that we can all just get “John Wayned” up for and repel like the threats our Founders faced or the conventional wars that we fought prior to the Nuclear age against mostly secular enemies.

Once this overwhelmingly naive premise is accepted we can then embrace some very good and populist ideas like fully developing our own energy and natural resources so we can thrive without concern for the mayhem that is befalling our Allies or the increasing destructive capacity of the religious enemies that will happily ignore us as we ignore their manipulations of all the nations that once looked to the U.S. as their “best bet” nation to ally with.

This would result in short term prosperity for the U.S. and the lurking doom in our conscience can easily be soothed by telling ourselves that the plight that the rest of the world is enduring is do to their own “Interventionist ways” so we need not be concerned, the Islamo-Fascists will take a “live and let live” attitude toward the U.S. because we are minding our own business now by letting them “work things out their own way”.

Then we all must try to looked surprised from our “Border Posts” as Nuclear and biological Weapons are detonated behind us in our own country because the Islamo-Fascist enemy cares nothing for how livable or useful our nation is after they decimate us.

4) The Scorched Earth strategy
The United States utilizes it’s superior military technology to implement a “scorched earth” policy everywhere in the middle east that becomes an Islamo-Fascist foothold, this will contain the threat to just occasional horrific attacks on our own soil and expensive energy costs that cripple the free worlds economies while simultaneously insuring that the problem will never really be resolved but we can scrape along for as long as we have the stomach to keep it up.

Obama embraces number 2, the Ron Paul Disciples embrace number 3, number 1 could work but it would require the type of long term perspective and commitment that I doubt the “fast food/internet” age will ever allow to become a part of their psyche.

So we will more than likely bounce between strategy 2 and 4 depending on how recent the last horrific attack was, all the while proclaiming that no matter what is happening “Bush was wrong”


One More I.R.S. Opinion

by RET423 on August 6, 2013

By now just about everybody except the bottom of the barrel “Low Information” voters are aware that the I.R.S. has been abusing their authority by punishing individuals and organizations with political agendas that the Extreme Left opposes. They do this by hindering their ability to support their chosen causes financially or operate their entities apart from threats and expensive bureaucratic witch hunts.

The E.P.A. does this as well so this is not a “new” thing but until recently Government Agencies were careful to try and maintain at least some plausible deniability, they have now become so bold and confident in their belief that they operate above any Law or authority that they do not even bother to cover their tracks anymore.

So once again Conservatives who care about Constitutional integrity and Individual Rights/Self Determination find themselves amidst an angry, engaged electorate who are concerned about an issue that has always been dear to Conservatives.

Meanwhile, Conservatives have no Political Party that will capitalize on this window of opportunity.

My purpose in this piece is not to add one more voice of condemnation to the I.R.S., that is just old tired news at this point. My purpose is to try and explain how the proposed “solutions” that are coming from the Establishment GOP (And receiving some “well, it’s better than nothing” reactions from Conservatives) would make this issue worse.

The key to making my argument is to first understand the source of the problem, once the source is understood it will be clear that retention of the Income Tax in any form as a means of funding government will insure the current climate of corruption will never improve but conversely will assuredly get worse.

You cannot tax “Income” without defining what “Income” is.

I want that idea to stand alone because so many seem to think that a “Flat Tax” on Income would be a “step in the right direction” when all a “Flat Income Tax” amounts to is a tax rate change, the tax rates are not the source of corruption.

We already have a “One page” tax code that defines the tax rate; anyone can get this page from the I.R.S. website. This rate is not “Flat” but progressive so you must match your income to the scale to get the rate but it all fits on “One page”. If we had a “Flat Tax” based on income this would still fit on “one page” just without the chart, big deal.

The MILLIONS of lines of tax code that contain the corruption are the parts that determine what qualifies as “Income”, not what rates will be paid by each income bracket. These laws establish what will be considered “Taxable Income” so the “One Page” chart can be used to find the tax rate that applies to the specific taxpayer.

Any form of Income Tax requires these definitions; there is no way to insure integrity in government as long as these definitions are required but no way to formulate an income tax that would not require these definitions.

These rules are most of the reason that entities lobby Congress, everyone from Unions to Churches to Businesses have a myriad of legitimate expenses that they want removed from their “Net Taxable Income” column and many of these entities would like some dubious “expenses” removed from their “Net Taxable Income” column as well. Whether the motivation to lobby for a change favorable to the entity who is lobbying is defensible or not is irrelevant, the definitions must exist so the ability to abuse these rules will exist as well.

Politicians are rewarded for including the changes that these Lobbyist’s want in Legislation, sometimes the “reward” is campaign contributions but also less obvious rewards like guarantees of future employment (after they leave office) with a huge salary and/or similar jobs for whoever the politician wants to take care of/reward.

We created this conflict by embracing a tax method based on income instead of any number of other ways that would not require the existence of an easily corruptible and impossible to monitor “deduction code”.

Our Founders knew that an Income Tax system would destroy our economy and render our government wholly corrupt, which is why they prohibited the implementation of an Income Tax in the Constitution.
This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the passing of the 16th Amendment that removed this prohibition and allowed the Federal Government to tax income; I think the results are self evident.

Through populist subsidies our government now has a majority of citizens paying no net income tax while consuming the vast majority of government spending; they have also managed to simultaneously label the minority group who actually pay all the income tax as “those who don’t pay their fair share”!

The irony is that those who think they are getting a free ride as they await their income tax return check are paying most of the burden, just not in the form of “income taxes”.

This happens rather simply but so many seem oblivious to the scam.
1) Politicians promise benefit for votes, which they then receive
2) Politicians then promise “The Rich” (or some other minority) will pay for the benefit
3) Politicians then raise taxes on the target minority, who are mostly businesses
4) The businesses (whose prices are already regulated by competition) then add the new expense (the tax increase) to the price of their goods or services
5) The majority who thought “the rich” were going to pay for their goodies end up paying the new taxes as they engage in commerce with the businesses who were taxed
6) Then the ignorant blame the businesses for the rising prices and not only do not blame the “Tax the rich” Politicians but embrace further their rhetoric, enabling the process to repeat perpetually.

“Businesses do not pay taxes, businesses collect taxes”

Politicians are buying votes with the voters own money, that is possible because we tax income.
Criminals who make lots of money (without reporting it) don’t pay taxes, that is possible because we tax income
Lobbyists are well funded and able to bend the laws to their personal advantage, that is possible because we tax income.

Our Founders were right and it has taken less than 100 years to prove them right, the 16th Amendment has to go if we ever hope to restore some integrity to our Federal Government. If we settle for anything less we are just supporting the current course; there is no defensible reason to tax income, it is nothing more than a tool to perpetuate political corruption.


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