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The owner of RO. No limit on what we can write in here. Can even use HTML tags A LINK TO THE FRONT OF THE BLOG And can basically add personal info. Feel free to fill it with whatever colorful insights you'd like to provide about yourself or how you see the world in particular.


Top 10 Posts on RO Last Week

Here are the top 10 best posts on RO last week according to RO’s members: Republican Operative New Front Page by WhoIsJohnGalt “As an anthropologist” by patriciareed Tiny1′s reply to Washington about the Ferguson Missouri incident “Police Aren’t Thugs” post by Pappadave Classical Teacher’s post in “Cops are Shady” vs. Reality “I would not trust BHO…

A New RO

Welcome to the new Republican Operative! Republican Operative has been the best place for conservative republican discussion on the internet for nearly 10 years. In celebration of our upcoming 10th year we’re taking RO to the next level. It’s time to reenergize the Conservative Republican base and point out the clear liberal propoganda, deception, and destructive policies….