A New Strategy

On June 7th 2016 my State of Kalifornia (Spelling it with a “K” seems somehow more Leftist and appropriate to me for some reason) held its Primary election, a meaningless event as usual but I showed up and cast my vote; not because I think it will matter in any way but out of respect for those who gave their lives in order for me to have the opportunity to voice my opinion in the governance that I must live under.

Many will think that I am mainly referring to the Presidential Primary being all wrapped up but that is only one element that made the Kalifornia Primary meaningless, in fact that particular element is almost always decided before Kalifornia votes; several States experience the same but in my State the whole ballot is usually decided ahead of time.

For the office of President only we have what is known Nationally as a “Closed Primary” if you are a Republican, only members of the GOP may vote for candidates seeking the GOP nomination; Democrats allow Independents to vote in their Primary here so they are not “Closed”. The rest of our offices use what they call a “Top Two Primary System”.

For the uninitiated the “Top Two” system lumps all of the candidates that are seeking each office from every Party and those running independent of any Party into one huge group that everyone can vote for, the “Top Two” vote getters make it onto the general election ballot in November to compete for the given office.

Our State Republican Party backed the implementation of this system because they were tired of Conservative Candidates giving their Liberals such a hard fight in the Primary’s, they thought it would end the influence of Conservatives in the State GOP; they were right but it also ended up removing GOP Candidates from many races altogether.

Barbara Boxer is retiring this year and the competition for her Senate seat will be between two Democrats in the general election, there will not even be a Republican Candidate on the ballot for Boxers Senate seat in Kalifornia come November.

While I have wholly rejected the Republican Party I remained registered as a Republican just so I could vote for Ted Cruz in the Primary, which I did despite Trump having made the margin for the nomination before June 7th. My vote was not a “Protest Vote” since that implies that I think the GOP can be swayed by “Protest”, they cannot and will not embrace Constitutional Conservatism under any circumstances so my Ted Cruz vote was essentially just flipping them and the Trump supporters the bird.

That’s what it is like being a Constitutional Conservative in Kalifornia, you go decades knowing that almost every vote you cast is just a tiny insult that will not bother in the slightest the parade of Statist candidates that march right past you into power from both major political Party’s; the illegal immigrants have significant power in Kalifornia elections but Constitutional Conservatives have none.

No proof of citizenship is required to register to vote here and no proof is required at polling places either, you can register to vote at the DMV so the only “test” for voter eligibility in Kalifornia is having a reason to go to the DMV; where illegal immigrants can get valid Kalifornia drivers licenses. At least Kalifornia allows me to pay a lot of taxes, the Constitutional Conservatives are still good for that; our role is to pay our taxes and shut our mouth.

From the time my kids were babies in car seats I always voted in the early evening so they would be awake; I loaded up the whole family and drove to the polling place so they could see the process. I wanted them to know of no other tradition on Election Day than getting to the polling place, signing the book and filling out the ballot. All three of my kids got the “I Voted” stickers every election as well since the poll workers were always impressed with their good manners as they waited for their mother and I to vote, when they were babies their mother and I took turns watching them while the other voted and when they were older they just stood quietly and watched.

All 3 of my kids are in their 20’s now and they all vote, they also ask me the same question the day after each Election Day that they have been asking me since they were old enough to talk; “How did we do!”

And I answer them the same answer that I have been giving them the day after almost every election of their lives; “We lost”.

Kids are very optimistic so it was a surprisingly long time before they started asking “Why do you bother voting all the time when we always lose?” For many years I had a few really good answers to that question.

*I would tell them how good the candidates that we voted for were and how close they came

*I would tell them about how close calls on ballot initiatives and candidacy’s give encouragement to like minded people to keep trying to fix our problems

*I would tell them how important it is to honor the sacrifices that our military men and women have made for generations to insure that the people of the United States will remain self governed via the ballot box as opposed to the sword of Tyrants

*I would tell them that we are a Nation of Laws so we must fight for the philosophy that will respect our Rights, lest those who wish to take them will become so bold and confident with the Law that they will think they can take our Rights with impunity

*I would explain that when these things are considered there are indeed some “Wins” that exist amidst all of the losses

Today the only one of those answers that is relevant is giving honor to those who have sacrificed for our Right to Self Governance, good candidates do not “come close”, good initiatives do not “come close”, like minded people have mostly given up, the Law is now regularly used as a sword by Tyrants who are indeed bold and confident, there are no longer any subtle “Wins” amongst the losses to inspire us; such is the state of affairs in Kalifornia.

There is an old saying that has been proved reliable in my lifetime, that saying is “As goes California, so goes the Nation”, this saying is so reliable that I am consistently 2 years ahead of the National mindset just by living here; I write things that are dismissed as ridiculous at the time but become quite common within a couple years. At one time Kalifornia led the Nation in a tax and regulation revolt that ended up putting one of our own favored sons in the White House (Ronald Reagan), but it has been a long time since our “Leadership” has brought anything good to the Nation as a whole; we are still leading but the destination is now a direct path to the destruction of the United States Constitution and all of the Individual and States Rights that are codified in its words.

Do I still believe that a government of the people, by the people and for the people can endure with Rights endowed by our Creator that are codified in a Constitution that has authority above any of the incarnations of government that follows its ratification? Absolutely.

Do I still believe that the ballot box will play a vital role in the preservation of these ideas for posterity? Absolutely.

But the leadership role in preserving these ideas will not come from Kalifornia, this State will continue to lead the fight to eradicate those ideas from the earth; which means that the duty falls to other States to lead and there is only one strategy that can be embraced to preserve such ideals.

That strategy is a unified and peaceful Secession from the United States by as many States as possible where the ideas of our Founders are still respected by a majority of the people; within two years this will go from sounding ridiculous to a mainstream discussion so I might as well start now. I know that many believe an Article 5 Constitutional Convention could preserve our Rights but the same corrupt Judiciary that ignores our current Constitution would ignore any restated or clarified proclamations that followed such a convention.

Tomorrow Britain will decide on BREXIT, God willing we will have our own similar election day within a couple years in States that are willing to grab the reins of leadership away from the enemies of Liberty in Kalifornia and Washington; I am imagining a Texas led movement but I would pledge my allegiance proudly to any State that steps up first.



I am a California native and a Conservative small business owner, or "an enemy to both man and beast" according to my States government. A refuge from the days when the GOP was considered a home for Conservatives, I was recruited in by Reagan and run out by the Establishment GOP. There is never a dull moment in my house and I would not have it any other way.

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  1. The success of the BREXIT effort has given much hope that the topic of this Blog might just have a chance!
    I share your frustration with always losing in elections, always voting for the loser.

    But I sense your explanation as you tell us you tell your kids, is inadaquate.

    Some things are RIGHT. That is, correct. It's less important to be in the majority than it is to make note of your preferences and your objection to how the majority popular will is aiming.

    To not vote, or to vote with the majority to be with the Kewel Kids, is to shuck your responsibility.

    It is the responsibility of a good citizen to be informed and make rational choices based on the best available evidence, in public referendums.

    That others neglect that responsibility is a terrible thing and bodes ill for the future. That does NOT mean it is not worth the responsible citizen's doing.

    One can do what little he can to help others meet their responsibility. Discuss; teach when appropriate; help others obtain information; try to sell one's own informed viewpoint.

    That the Know-Nothings overrule the informed voices does not mean the informed voices are wasting their time. It's a frightening thing but it is important to take a stand for what is Right - and to show others they are not alone; to take a measure of how your community is trending; and to make plans should it be moving in ways that are not acceptable.
    Let's all try to remember WHO it is that controls the schools, "entertainment" industry, media and bureaucracies. WE'VE allowed this to happen without much serious objection.
    The colleges and universities that train the teachers ultimately control the schools. That's why today's kids are indoctrinated. The textbooks reinforce this misinformation.

    This really got started during the Vietnam era when opposition to the war allowed radical Marxist style thinking to become main stream. The Vietnam War was the biggest bargain the Russians, the Chi Coms and the left ever got.

    I know this is an unpopular view among conservative people, but think about. Was the domino theory accurate? Did the world change because the North Vietnamism won? Short answer, no.

    We have paid a heavy price for that war in more ways than are immediately obvious.
    The Domino Theory was working extremely well for the Communists until Reagan decided to fight to win.
    ...and the HEAVIEST price we've paid has been an attitude that we have no NEED to fight a war to win since the earth didn't open up when we lost Vietnam--at least not for US, though the Vietnamese might argue with that attitude. Millions executed and millions "re-educated" and millions more fled their country, some to die in leaky boats or of starvation.
    True. Laos was leaning towards communism and Cambodia WAS run by communists and they were gaining a foothold in the "golden triangle" regions of Thailand.
    Not to mention the unopposed efforts of the Soviet Union to spread Communism that left us with nothing but the MAD policy as our hope for survival, Reagan terrified the Left because they were CERTAIN that the Soviets were the superior force and Reagans "cowboy talk" was going to provoke them into destroying us.

    Vietnam was an important cog in the wheel that rolled over us and destroyed our optimism about who and what we really are and represent to a world yearning to be free.
    It got started long before that. I saw evidence of it when I was in college in the late 50's.
    Frankly, where was all this when children went back to school under the Clinton regime?