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4 Months In A Nutshell

After an unplanned and unwanted 4 month hiatus the often imitated but never duplicated Forum board is back online! My elation over this discovery was immediately followed by disgust as I noticed that the first Blog piece on our home page was still that annoying piece admonishing Conservatives for not supporting the Racist, Terrorist organization known as “Black Lives Matter”.

So being the warm, giving Blogger that I am I decided to whip up a whirlwind summary of the last 4 months of news and bump that other propaganda piece off the highly coveted and influential center stage position.

    November 2016:

*RO goes offline, sending the Conservative universe into a panic worldwide (obviously the most important story of November 2017). Since I am not privy to the precise reason why this occurred I will make up a reason: RO came under an attack from a coalition of Terrorist entities that included Earth First, PETA, NAMBLA, The DNC, Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood, CNN, ISIS and oddly enough The Friends of the Metric System.
The rumors that the Clinton campaign played a role were entirely false, nobody in the Clinton campaign knew how servers worked.

*I think there was an election in November also but nobody was paying attention so I didn’t bother to see how it turned out.

    December 2016:

*The President of France decided to not seek reelection; this was big news because nobody thought the French would ever garner enough interest to warrant a headline outside of Paris.
*The Prime Minister of Italy resigns; there may be an Anti Establishment pattern here somewhere?
*The President of South Korea is impeached; my “pattern theory” may have some teeth.
*Boeing inks a deal to sell 80 planes to Iran following Obama’s normalizing of relations with the Terrorist Nation and one month before the new anti terrorism American President is sworn in; surely this was just a coincidence.
*Canadian actor Alan Thicke died; leaving the I.R.S. with no spokesman to terrify the American people about getting audited.
*Islamic Terrorists had a good month killing Coptic Christians, blowing up soccer stadiums, overtaking various cities and plowing a truck through a crowd of people at a Christmas Market in Germany; those who connect these occurrences to open door immigration policies are mocked as racist fools.
*The Mexicans blew up their giant fireworks swap meet, again; the video was quite a spectacle.
*Trump pisses off the American Left by continuing to breathe.
*I got a German shepherd puppy for Christmas; she is gnawing on my arm as I write this.

    January 2017:

*Megyn Kelly leaves FOX news to pursue a career with her Liberal brethren on a more “progressive” network; the Nation says “Duh!”
*The American Left decide that their shrill screaming of baseless accusations has not been an effective communication strategy, so they decide to scream louder and with even less coherence.
*Trump pisses off the American Left even more by combining his habit of continuing to breathe with taking the Oath of Office; then with seemingly no regard for precedent he begins acting in accordance with the things he campaigned on.
*The mainstream news media realizes that nobody views them as credible anymore; they of course blame Trump.
*My now 7 week old puppy destroyed 5 roles of shop towels in my garage; the mess was devastating.

    February 2017:

*The football team with an owner, head coach and quarterback who are all friendly with President Trump beat another football team in the Super Bowl who is owned by an extremist Leftist; preserving the Liberals record of losing in every conceivable contest that does not take place in Kalifornia.
*CPAC introduces Steve Bannon to America without a filter, the Left wail in agony as yet another of their cliché inspired narratives dies a bloody death and seeps into the chasm where the corpse of their former credibility is rotting.
*The American Left decide that their new strategy of screaming baseless accusations even louder is not having the desired effect; they promptly decide to continue this strategy since that is the only strategy in their playbook.
*My now 11 week old puppy has decided that she must have my full attention 24 hours a day; my whole family thinks this is cute but I am researching Hmong recipes.

And that my friends is all the news that is worth knowing from the last 4 months that was offline, to all of the Liberals who have been going through withdrawals from not having any Conservatives to troll I say LET THE INCOHERENT SCREAMING RESUME!


I am a California native and a Conservative small business owner, or "an enemy to both man and beast" according to my States government. A refuge from the days when the GOP was considered a home for Conservatives, I was recruited in by Reagan and run out by the Establishment GOP. There is never a dull moment in my house and I would not have it any other way.

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  1. You might expand your search to include SW Chinese. They also appreciate canine cuisine.And if you ever visit there, those "rabbits" in the meat stands in the open-air markets? They aren't rabbits.

    Trump continues to infuriate Libs & Progs through his reprehensible and deplorable racist, sexist, homophobic, antisemitic, Islamophobic, puppy-kicking habit of breathing. If Libs & Progs ever got hold of his BM schedule they'd try to impeach him for it.

    More seriously and pleasantly, we enjoyed a 3-month visit from our younger daughter - including Thanksgiving and Christmas. She's been living in Xining, China since October, 2014, and we hadn't seen her - other than through Facetime - for two years.

    I hadn't said much of my personal life for quite a while. I continue doing half marathons, 10Ks, and such. Between colds and gout flairs, this year has been frustrating. A couple of months before the RO hacking I had changed jobs,due to my previous employer's decision to move the entire operation from San Carlos (on the SF Peninsula) to Torrance (2 or 3 cities south of MouseLand). They were having trouble recruiting young talent to the Bay Area's insane housing costs ("You'll have a 2-hour commute every morning and again every evening," isn't a great recruiting line? Who knew?). So my 23.5-mile commute each way has been reduced to 10.5 miles each way.
    Going back a bit farther, to last May and June, Mrs. PeteS and I took a 2-week trans-Atlantic cruise that started in FL, had stops in Boston, Nova Scotia, Dublin, and Liverpool, and ended in Dover. After that we spent a day in Dover, a day in Canterbury, and several days in London. We wandered around the Canterbury Cathedral and stayed in lodgings on the cathedral grounds. And we wandered around the part of London near Trafalgar Square. While aboard ship, I did a half marathon, two 10Ks and three 5Ks circling the promenade deck - at 1/3 mile per lap, the half marathon was 40 laps.
    Not exactly but I summarized my best guess in the new blog piece I published on the front page the day we came back live, maybe it had a little poetic license..........
    I do not have all of the details, but it was due to the site getting hacked and the owner taking protective action.

    Make sure you change your password to be safe(r).
    There's even a post on another relatively conservative forum I've joined, The Politics Forums stating that Jews want to normalize sex with animals.
    Sort of. From an email, from him, WIJG has SW attached/associated with this site that would alert him if hackers got in. He got an alert that Sunday PM (our time; Monday AM his time) and shut down RO before the hacker(s) got very far. He cleaned up whatever needed to be cleaned up and patched up whatever needed to be patched, probably within days. But at that point he realized that his personal availability probably would not allow him the time to properly defend RO from further hack attacks, so he didn't reopen RO. That's where things stood late last November, and I have not heard from him since.

    I had given up weeks ago checking daily to see if RO was back up. By coincidence, I had checked Thursday afternoon (3/9) and it wasn't, but then Friday AM (3/10) posted on Conservative Underground, in a thread about RO, that RO was back up. Sunsettommy and I had been conversing on that thread the day or two before, but whether there's a connection to RO re-opening or it was pure coincidence, I don't know.

    That reminds me: @Majkman @Maylar @Senator Foghorn
    Pete sounds like you and the Misses had a great time, that was a good trip. My wife and I had a place over there (England) with her sister and husband, out in the country and we would live their part of the year using it as a base for our travels. Like anything shared with family, nothing good can come from it and that is in spades when your BiL's brother is a lawyer. Then one day my wife who had been there for about 6 weeks on that trip (she is from there) was told to clear out and never return. Somehow they had acquired over half ownership, thru some no doubt highly suspect legal wrangling of my BiL brother and maybe even their daughter who is also a can smell it from Ca by now.

    She called me about midnight and I told her best to vacate, as her BiL threatened to call the police and have her physically removed, as he now have controlling interest (note I said HE, not even his wife, her sister, he had aquired 51+% somehow). Wife left on the first thing hot and smoking East bound. Shortly afterward they sold it and he claimed he did not have to or owe her a singly penny since he had controlling interest, he could dole out the proceeds as he saw fit and she got nothing...I was able to find the sale on the internet or at least the asking price...$3.5 LARGE Sterling.

    PS: Its been 2 or 3 years and right before Christmas, they sent us and INVITE to join them at Christmas in their new home outside London and gave us a list of hotels nearby. Enclosed with many pics of the new estate. Needless to say we never replied.
    In the 4 months, I moved to canada. Our family is finally re-united. Finished my taxes, did the capital loss carry over.... just like trump. To bad, it doesn't apply to Obamacare penalties... Obamacare has costed me more than it has saved me, a lot more. -_-
    Last year I paid for my wife's cancer surgury out of pocket, then I had to pay the government my Obamacare fine for committing such a heinous act as paying your own medical bills.

    There is no such thing as a good Socialist.
    Realize that 25% or more of the people on Obamacare get subsidized.

    Anyone here EVER wonder why when we already had Medicaid what exactly was Obamacare FOR????

    IMO, it was to legitimize being poor. In other words, take the poor or as I like to call them, the sick, lame and lazy and give them the SAME medical program available to those who PAY$$$ into the system. Just one more reason not to work, you get the SAME benefits as those who do and you don't pay for them.

    How soon before they get cars and vacation time for being on welfare???
    Hey please don't go around giving the libs and snowflakes any more ideas on how to spend the earnings of those who work!
    How long before a lawyer wins this case:

    If you get a FED regular govt check and the check is NOT for retirement or medical disability, then are you not getting a check for services rendered, are you not in a state of employment???? Think on that, we have folks on welfare that are 2nd generation that I PERSONALLY KNOW of (research paper in college I wrote in 1969, interviewing families on welfare that were 2nd generation). You can also receive fed money for taking care of a family member, while on welfare...are you not an employee at that point in time. Then you should be able to receive federal benefits such sick and vacation time, medical enrollment in civil service and enroll in a the retirement benefit?

    Either that OR you no longer get payments from the govt, the govt cannot just pay people for nothing, to not work...

    I am surprised that welfare folks are not classified as federal employees and give us another Obama or HilldaBeast and they will be...
    I am subsidized. I'm not particularly poor, although if some folks -- mostly public employees -- had to live on my salary, they'd choke. I pay drastically more out of my pocket for my health "insurance" premiums than I did before. It is paying for the other side of the equation better than my previous insurance did, but my out of pocket on health "insurance" and healthcare are much more expensive overall than they were before Obamacare. The subsidy I receive is a part of my premium. In my experience, it has never been what claimed it would be, and I have had to pay back most of it.

    You don't have to be a welfare queen to have subsidized insurance. Federally funded "free" healthcare is available for the children of rather wealthy people in my state. It certainly does grow the dependency class in ways that past socialist politicians could have only dreamed of achieving in the United States.