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Thread: Squeaky Clean

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    Squeaky Clean

    With all the dirt-seekers trying to find something on Trump (Michael Moore, Mueler, CNN, etc.), he and ALL his staff would have to be squeaky clean to avoid it.

    That's just impossible. The law of averages says it is there.

    NO human is squeaky clean. You could find dirt on Mother Theresa if you looked long enough and deep enough.

    It's going to happen.

    The question will be: Will it be serious enough for the Dems to use successfully?

    Yes, they will try to use ANYTHING they find, even if it's trivial. But if it's a minor issue, Trump's lawyers may be able to squash it.

    But if it's something that the Dems can twist (IOW, serious dirt) to make a successful run at Trump, look out.

    I hope he's done his due diligence on this, 'cause it is inevitable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobJam View Post

    I hope he's done his due diligence on this, 'cause it is inevitable.
    Considering the Mike Flynn fiasco, I doubt it.
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