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Former Chief of Staff of Trump's DHS is AGAINST TRUMP

RET did say there were more credible people from Trump’s own administration that are coming out against him. Former Chief of Staff of Trump’s DHS, an appointee, is voting for Biden. The stories he tells are … wow.

20 October 25, 2020
An Election Prediction - Not

I placed this post in Late Breaking News because for nearly 4 years it seems like every minute of everyday a new contrived or real news item has surfaced regarding Trump. To say the last 4 years has often been chaotic, …

105 October 25, 2020
Michael Cohen and former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci AGAINST TRUMP

Interview with former friends and aides of Trump, and his administration, voicing their opposition to his re-election. How bad does it have to be for Trump to have long time former allies turn against him? They called T…

8 October 22, 2020
Michael Steele former RNC Chair and a lifelong Republican is voting AGAINST TRUMP

Michael Steele former RNC Chair and a lifelong Republican is voting AGAINST TRUMP. He’s for America, and by that he means he won’t vote for Trump. Watch the 1 minute video here:

9 October 21, 2020
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