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Former Chief of Staff of Trump's DHS is AGAINST TRUMP

RET did say there were more credible people from Trump’s own administration that are coming out against him. Former Chief of Staff of Trump’s DHS, an appointee, is voting for Biden. The stories he tells are … wow.

55 October 31, 2020
Four Star General Michael Hayden, former CIA Director, AGAINST TRUMP

From another era it feels like, but a widely respected four star general voices his concern about another term for Trump - Michael Hayden supports Biden instead.

33 October 30, 2020
Vice President Pence's former Homeland Security Advisor and lead COVID Task Force staffer AGAINST TRUMP

Olivia Troye - a lifelong Republican and former advisor to the VP - voted for Bush, McCain and Trump, she won’t vote for Trump again - she’ll vote for Biden in 2020. “Disgusting people” comment by Trump was likely a jok…

4 October 28, 2020
Michael Steele former RNC Chair and a lifelong Republican is voting AGAINST TRUMP

Michael Steele former RNC Chair and a lifelong Republican is voting AGAINST TRUMP. He’s for America, and by that he means he won’t vote for Trump. Watch the 1 minute video here:

9 October 21, 2020
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