1/08 rant


Folks, following is a rant I created in Jan of '08, and just re-reading, and can only agree that little has changed since then; except things are worse now & we are even more depraved!

Folks, I just have to get this rant out of my system, especially after seeing how so many folks seem to think “MY CANDIDATE” will save America.

I consider myself a very staunch conservative, socially, spiritually and economically, so my thoughts just aren’t going to be the thoughts of many (majority?) of you, BUT!!!

I do think all us Christians can agree that this country is simply not what God would have us be. (NOTE: If you disagree with this premise, don’t waste your time reading any further.)

Remember when the Israelites demanded of Samuel that they have a king so they “—could be like all the other nations—“?
Remember when the kingdom split after Solomon died ?

In each of these instances God told the ones that wanted to “save” Israel that “This thing is from Me—“ so they backed off and did as He instructed. Also, in each instance, it was because the nation as a whole had rejected God and wanted to do its own thing.

Well, has this nation not done exactly the same? We have kicked God out of the classroom, forbidden Him to be in our governmental arena, told Him that He screwed up on this same-sex deal, demanded that ending lives (abortion!) if they present an inconvenience to us be OK, yada, yada, yada!!!

With all this in mind, look at where we are now politically socially and morally; AND the caliber of leadership (?) we have to choose from come November, (2008) not to mention the present crop of “leaders”(?). I speak here of the broad spectrum of our “rulers” & representatives, not just the truly whacked out individuals. (And not only that, but consider the last few decades.) Certainly nothing to “write home about” eh?!

Personally, I believe that God is doing precisely with us what He did with the Israelites a few thousand years ago, and just letting us mold our own destiny in accordance with our demand that He leave us alone, since we consider ourselves intelligent, progressive, and sophisticated enough to-day that His requirements are just an impediment to our “progress”. We no longer need the crutch of “a higher power” to sustain us.

As I stated earlier, I am a staunch conservative, so therefore I lean more toward the R side than the D side. That being said the Rs right now are far more liberal than even the Ds of half-century or so ago; so where does that put the Ds? At this point in time, I sense that the Rs are taking the same path of the Ds; the difference being the slope is not as steep as the Ds, and the Rs are more cordial in the process - ultimately the same big government entity that the left is salivating over.

I firmly believe that ONLY a direct intervention from God will save this country, and I’m not holding my breath for that since so far we have given Him no reason to do so.

Only a massive revival in this country, STARTED BY TODAY’S CHRISTIANS, WHO LOOK TO HIM, NOT POLITICS, will give this country any hope of recovery; again, I’m not holding my breath.

I remember reading or hearing that “—God gives a nation the government that they deserve—“. If this is true, we can only beg Him for His mercy, ‘cause the future of the nation, at this juncture in time, just is not very promising!!