1/6 Fairy Tale Demolished



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We know BLM & Antifa had FED actors too. It doesn’t excuse their crap and it doesn’t excuse the crap on J6. The Fed always wants to be close to when something political and violent is going down do you think that’s a bad idea?

When they are actively promoting that a crime be committed it is not only bad, it is evil and criminal.

If I am ever a witness to a bank robbery or a terrorist incident I would not speak to the FBI; local and state law enforcement only. This is a sad state of affairs.

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It’s not sounding convincing:
A fed encourages this, while also using their real name?

It also looks like this guy may have been doing the opposite; encouraging people to be law abiding.

Why isn’t he being prosecuted?

Hahaha, that’s hilarious.

Fact, some people believe that the earth is flat.

See the the problem there?

Do you think the Fed Instigated Antifa and BLM?

Listen he wants to downplay the culpability of J6 I understand his political reasonings I wonder if he feels the same with BLM and ANTIFA I’m a few steps ahead on this and haven’t shown all my cards. His defense is all the cool kids (FBI) said do it.

Deal me in!

For what? The article explains it; there’s no clear call that he encouraged entering the building, and he didn’t go into the building.

Evidence for any kind of charge looks thin.

Do we want the FBI monitoring our domestic terrorism: J6, Antia, BLM? or Do we wanna pass a privacy bill what is the agenda here?


@Alaska_Slim economics may be you thing but, I think @akaOldDog is the only one here that knows a thing or two about counter ops, and operational security. You might not like to realize this but the “True Belivers” in draining the swamp are quietly being put on papers they put them in not so nice places. Just think of the social credit score China has. @akaOldDog you former Armed Forces?

You and me want something in common a peaceful divorce. I think we can count @Doug1943 in that too. Some of these wanna be cowboys have no idea how deep this S*it goes its not just war games in Portland. Federalization (states rights). It’s our last hope that or we go to war to china to keep our people from fighting each other here. Isn’t it a wonder these two parties got us split 50-50 down to 30k votes in Wisconsin. Conquer and Divide works as well as it did back in the Old Testament.

Where they use their actual names?

I don’t think so.

and the article you posted pointed out why no charge was forthcoming:

At best, he’s a material witness of someone else’s assault of a federal officer.

Yes, a peaceful separation – under whatever legal forms can be found – would be best. If it can be done via some form of ‘extreme’ federalism, that would be best: a national entity to rattle the nukes at our enemies and pay Social Security, but let smaller units – the States, although there is nothing sacred about State borders, and if Maricopa County in Arizona wants to join California, and Eastern Oregon, Idaho … why not – let smaller units decide education and social policy.

So Mississippi can outlaw homosexuality and New York can make it compulsory, and if you don’t like it, move.

But … that would be too sane and rational. Super-nationalists on the Right would be unhappy, and Leftists can’t stand the idea of anyone anywhere not conforming to their shifting embrace of the increasingly bizarre in human relationships, and their embrace of Orwellian Truth.

So a genuine separation, with full powers of sovereignty, might be the only way out, although perhaps a joint defense apparatus could be arranged. Thank God we have no serious enemies within tank-driving distance, at least not until China buys Mexico and Canada voluntarily bows down to them.

Now… how likely is this? Right now, almost literally inconceivable. ‘Normalcy bias’ is very powerful.

But this seed – the idea of a peaceful separation – should be scattered widely, even if at first it’s only on stony ground. (Scotland will leave the United Kingdom soon – in historical terms – and Northern Ireland will resume its civil war, with a vengeance, as soon as Catholics become a majority there. Catalonia too will not rest, and Quebec may have another go at getting loose. And as mainland Europe becomes more and more Muslim, we may see some people trying to deal with the ensuing problems via physical separation. So the US may not be so unusual in this.)

It’s a shame that we are chained to a world-wide quasi-empire, which will exert unnatural force against separation. How can we invade Absurdistan to bring them the blessings of our civilization if we are divided? Just one more reason to shake off those chains.

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The county carve out wouldn’t survive the test of Federalism you’d need a 2/3rd vote to redesign state lines. The only thing we need for Federalism is a willing court.

In an ordinary, business-as-usual situation, perhaps. I think our country is heading towards an all-options-are-on-the-table situation, and the outcome will be decided by those with the most effective forces which can use the original sources of political power … although the the relative strength of the various contenders will be the outcome of political events, which themselves can be influenced by the decisions leaders make. Sadly, we have no effective leaders right now.

So all we little guys can do is to Prepare, and to Prepare Collectively at the local level.

Calling the January 6 patriot protest a “coup attempt” goes to the very heart of why this entire characterization of this as an Insurrection is a total lie. The United States is not a teeny, tiny third world country where you can go into the El Presidente Palace and immediately take over a country. Mobs of people could occupy the capital building for a year and there would be no “coup” because America is not structured like that. It is impossible to physically have a coup d’etat in America simply by occupying a building or something like that. It’s just sheer stupidity to even say that.

What happened was, a few very upset protesters broke away from the real march (and they did have every right to be very upset because the election of was stolen) they went to the Capitol Building and got out of hand and got inside. Now, to the extent that is illegal then fine, it was illegal to destroy some property or whatever. But to characterize it as a “Insurrection” or a “coup d’etat” is the height of stupidity: Sheer ignorant, brain-dead stupidity, and that doesn’t even go into the fact that the cops allowed the people to come inside !!

And when they got inside, they just kind of wandered around a little bit and then left. The only real crime that took place is when a corrupt leftist union cop shot an American Air Force veteran protester. That was MURDER, but of course he got off the hook thanks to Nazi Democrats.

Calling January 6 an Insurrection or a coup d’etat is ignorant stupidity on an unbelievable scale. It is all a giant smoke screen and fake News lie with only one purpose: That purpose is to smear the character of Donald Trump so that he will not rise again. Well guess what all you left-wing socialists, Donald Trump will rise again and the majority of American people know he was a great president and most smart Americans know that we are currently living under an in legal regime and at Biden is a criminal usurper to the office. Sorry if that hurts the snowflakes feelings but those are the facts.

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