1 Dead, Multiple Injured in Shooting at Douglas High School


Where I was born and raised!

“Nick Cruz in custody” Police scanner.

1 Dead, Multiple Injured in Shooting at Douglas High School


School superintendent just said multiple fatalities.


Nicolas de Jesus Cruz – Florida shooter Instagram page scrubbed


Inside school shooting video
(If you want to, turn on the sound at video)


Word is as of now SIXTEEN dead!

A LOT more photos and killers remarks at this site.

The school video won’t play at the site but I posted the link to a playable video earlier.





Not surprised. Almost ALL of these assassins and mass shooters are either Democrats themselves or the CHILDREN of Democrats.


Just read 17 dead this morning.


Liberals have difficulty keeping the giddiness out of their voices when they use this as a platform to advocate gun control and government control of people.

But this is really a symptom of morals being excluded from schools. I was pleased to hear some discussion on the radio about that.

We may also be able to make a connection to the government requirement to teach that life is just a result of chance and chemistry. My understanding is that teachers aren’t even legally allowed to mention that the astronomically low probabilities of life evolving from lower forms makes it functionally impossible. What value, a kid may reasonably ask, does human life have if it’s just a product of chemistry and chance?


Excellent point. The most popular video games among teenage boys are those with fairly realistic, bloody mayhem involved. It’s not such a small leap from doing in on your computer game to doing it in person without considering that with the first there aren’t any immediate consequences, but with the second there often are–which is why so many such wind up taking their own lives when reality of what they’ve done strikes them.


He’s a white supremacist whose instagram pic is of himself with a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Students at the school also confirm that he often wore Trump hats and clothing.


He killed a lot of white people for a white supremacist.


My thoughts exactly. He wasn’t “white supremacist” any more than President Trump is or ever has been. There is no proof that the photo in the “Instagram Profile” actually IS Cruz. The local police say that there is no evidence that he ever had ANY connection with any “white supremacist” groups.


BS. He was a Registered Democrat on November 1, 2016, right before the election and shortly after he’d REGISTERED to vote at age 18. It’s MOST unlikely that he ever was a Trump supporter or fan. I’ve been watching this closely and have never heard of any of his fellow students saying that he "often wore a MAGA hat or Trump “clothing” whatever that means. This is another J. Anderson fantasy.


Yes, it really is a big leap. One is make believe. The other is real.


The registered democrat claim is fake news.


It’s one of our stupid gun laws that made this happen - “gun free zones”. It shouts to a would-be killer that there will be no one to stop him.


OK, you hate Donald Trump. Everyone here gets that. What is the point you are trying to make? Is this just another irrelevant meaningless post of yours?

If I find a murderer, rapist or child molester who once wore an Immanuel Kant t-shirt or hat is that supposed to discredit his work. By your “logic” it would. At least Kant, and some of your other favorite thinkers attempt to make intelligent logical arguments. Try it, you might like it.


This is just one more example of public school failure. American children are being indoctrinated with marxist/communist ideology from kindergarten through colleges. The whole public school system is corrupt and beyond repair. When something is that doomed and beyond repair, it is best to take a wrecking ball to it and start over. Why didn’t we hear of shootings like this 40+ years ago? People had guns back then and had more of them as well. Yet, I can’t think of a single episode where a student massacred their school mates. Nature abhors a vacuum. Once God was kicked out of our schools and society, something had to replace Him. This is the result.


If people are posting in a thread saying someone is a Democrat and that this is another example of twisted leftist violence, then it’s relevant information to the thread that there is no actual credible evidence that the person is a Democrat, and than he in fact wears MAGA hats. To say this information is “irrelevant” and “meaningless” just underscores your bad faith.