1 Dead, Multiple Injured in Shooting at Douglas High School


OK. so he wore a MAGA hat. What does that mean? What conclusions can we draw? Any clues?

Here is one possibility: Broward county is more than 2 to 1 democrat. He may have just worn the hat to be contrary to his social peers with whom he obviously didn’t fit in. I doubt he was political at all. He was filled with rage and resentment.

I will be more than happy to consider any ideas you might have on this.


I don’t really find this sort of speculation very interesting. Would you be as skeptical about his political leanings if he had worn an Obama shirt with a “change we can believe in” hat? Or a “Black Lives Matter” hat?

(Deleted by RWNJ), and that makes trying to have a conversation with you extremely dull.


It’s not impossible, just rare.

These are rocks cut naturally into 120 degrees:

Nature did this. It’s low probability, but it’s not impossible, as Nature has order to it. The question should be why the laws of physics give us this order. Why the world is intelligible.

I agree that we shouldn’t diminish life to its constituents parts, and look at it nihilistically. But the rarity of how life forms should underpin it’s value; it’s rare that it happens, tenuous that it remains, and should be valued for that reason.

However… I don’t believe that it’s even the question of the value of a life, that makes people do this.

I think it’s more a question of why people would hate “being” itself so much, to want to take revenge upon it.

For instance, why did Cain kill Able? It’s not (chiefly) because he didn’t value life enough; it’s because he hated the contrast between them. Enough to kill. “Why is he blessed, while I am made to suffer? Existence must be unjust. Existence should be punished.


The biggest school slaying to date was with bombs in the 1920s. There’s a whole list of shootings in the 1960s and 1970s, when our society was more violent on the whole:

Why are mass shootings in particular more common now? I’d suggest two reasons:

  1. A larger population, so you’re more likely to have individuals who meet a psychological profile to do this.

  2. Mass Media. It spreads and germinates the idea to the aforementioned people. Just like how Suicide Hotlines are known to increase the rate of suicide in a given town, simply through their advertisements promoting the idea (unintentionally).


BS. I wouldn’t trust Snopes if they claimed it was “True” that Ronald Reagan is dead. They are a NOTORIOUSLY leftist bunch. BTW, Your link does NOT disprove that Cruz was a registered Democrat, though it does say that.


You don’t have to, there’s an archived image of the Instagram account in question:


But not an iota of proof that (1) it’s the Instagram of THE Nickolas Cruz, or (2) that the photo is of THE Nickolas Cruz in question.


There is no doubt that this plays a big role. When there’s an “active shooter”, all news channels drop all other stories and don’t even air commercials but go wall-to-wall with the shooter story. Any unhappy kid with no moral training who’s desperate for attention might fantasize about being the center of attention.


I suspect if you examined the molecules that make up that crystal structure, you’d find chemical bonds at an angle that caused that shape to form. There are also snowflakes and sand dune patterns.

But that’s all insignificant compared to the three billion base pairs of information in our DNA.

I hope you’re not offended that I said probabilities of life evolving from lower forms are so astronomically low that it’s functionally impossible. I know it’s unpopular to say the truth because evolutionists get very mad and make a scene. In case you have doubts, consider this.

The human body is constructed of tens of thousands of proteins. A protein is a very specific precise sequence of the 20 amino acid building blocks. There are 10^130 permutations or ways of constructing a short protein of 100 aa. How did nature pick the needed one for each task with so many to choose from? Natural selection can’t help because almost-correct sequences don’t perform any valuable function.

I hope we don’t get sidetracked. I’m just saying that if students knew the truth, they would know human life has more value than that of our constituent chemicals, and more than it’s rarity.


Given billions of years to permutate? We already know for instance that multi-celluar life formed from a single bonding of a hunter cell with a prey cell, establishing a symbiotic relationship.

The odds of that happening in a given instance were astronomically low, but spread out across 10^30 cells and 10^33 of interactions per…an hour, across billions of years, it’s almost bound to happen at least once.

And just once, one “yes”, is all you need for chemistry and physics to take their course. Like a guy who keeps asking every women he meets for their number…

I don’t see why; we’re finding habitable planets all over the place in the last 15 years; even the solar system closest to us, proxima centauri, seems to have one.

We greatly suspect microbial life was present on Mars, and water is present on Europa and a whole other list of moons in the solar system.

There may be something unique to intelligent life arising, as we have not encountered anything that points to that (indeed, finding more habitable planets than we initially imagined, yet still no signs of other intelligent life, gives credence to the higher points of the “Great Filter” idea.)

And if so, so much the higher the importance of being good stewards of that life becomes. Human life shouldn’t be disregarded recklessly, because of how high the chance of it not existing is made clear in the final analysis.

Whatever your pains in life, you’re more likely suffering in terms of your own contrast to others that you see, not in absolute terms, where you’re likely living better than most humans who have lived throughout history.

… Even if you’re living in Haiti, Yemen or Chechnya, much less a 1st world nation where power and plumbing are conveniences you can take for granted.


All of which has WHAT exactly to do with the Douglas HS shootings???


Basically, scrutinization, and repudiation of the motives. These things happen because people look at themselves, don’t like what they see, and blame the rest of existence for it.

Many people fall for the seduction of this viewpoint, without ever acting upon it in the way this kid did. People who live quiet lives of nihilism. It’s not simply a failure of morality, but a failure of meaning at work.

And it has nothing to do with video games. Teen violence has fallen over the past 30 years; if video games have been playing a role, it’s one of regulating violent impulses, not fostering them.


This isn’t the right thread to be discussing this. Should we start a new one?

Billions of years aren’t nearly enough. From a simple organism to man, there would have to have been thousands of proteins added. How would a protein be added? An amino acid per mutation? The whole thing at once (from where)? Duplicate an existing gene and then mutate it massively, but only it?

For conversation, let’s assume evolution is adding a small, 100-aa protein by adding one amino acid (or more precisely, one codon to the new gene) per mutation. To be generous, let’s assume one mutation (one generation) per second continuously. Divide by 100 aa per complete protein to get 3.2x10^5 attempts per year. After a trillion trillion trillion trillion years, there would have been less than 10^54 attempts.

That’s an infinitesimally small fraction of the 10^130 possibilities. That’s essentially impossible. But it’s only one protein. Thousands to go. And natural selection can’t help because there’s no way to distinguish an almost correct protein from a totally incorrect protein.

Fifty years ago, evolution was a reasonable belief from a science perspective. But molecular biologists have unveiled SO MUCH detail that it really deserves the closer look that most people are avoiding.


Agreed, I’m game.


? Yes it is, go look at it, click the darn link, it has the same images that have been passed around by news outlets about him.

His classmates have even verified it’s his, as he showed them the same images using that account.


You could start one. Or have you maybe already, and I haven’t go to it yet (or are you short on posts to start a thread).


OMGosh! How wonderful to have this scientific reality explained so simply! We also have to take into account that if one single aspect of a molecule is out of whack or missing, the molecule ceases to function. So, in the “evolutionary” process, as is explained as fact, if an organism “decides” to change something to “adapt” to its environment, the reality would be a non-functioning organism. I’m referring to macroevolution as opposed to microevolution which does occur in nature.


Sorry to hijack the thread. Yes, it would be better to start a new thread.


Just saw an interesting article. Did you know that ice cream sales soar during June, July and August? Did you ALSO know that the murder rate in the U.S. goes UP in June, July and August every year? So, by the logic of the left…?


I see where you’re going with this Pappadave. We could save lives if we could just get Congress to ban ice cream.

Join me in a march on Washington to save lives by banning ice cream!