1 Dead, Multiple Injured in Shooting at Douglas High School


OK, I started a new evolution thread.


I have a right to eat ice cream. Do I need a license now to eat ice cream?? :icecream:


No, but you have to pass a background check…


Trump singnaled last night that he is backing banning of bump stocks and supporting more stringent background checks…

NOt what I wanted to hear. I’m getting fed up with the half stepping of congressional republicans, the limp wristed senate, and now Trump is waivering. Not good folks, not good at all.


Agreed. I’m a bit concerned when supposed “conservatives” decide that the 2nd Amendment really doesn’t mean what it says.


Trump is like a cat toying with a mouse. Remember how he said he would sign “anything” on immigration? Democrats salivated. He didn’t do it. Broke their little hearts. I’ll be surprised if he signs any gun law.


He’s like “Troll level: MASTER” at getting the left spinning their wheels and wasting time and energy. Whether it’s a deliberate strategy or just an effect of is personality, it’s entertaining as hell to watch! :smiley:



It seems we continue to overlook the obvious regarding school shootings and the most effective way to reduce - drastically - their occurrence. Looking to centralized government/political remedies has proven to be a waste of time. Continually noting our systematic breakdowns/failures after each of these events is maddening - especially in this most recent case where every agency that came in contact with this freak dropped the ball; failed to act and/or screwed up horribly when they did act… “See Something, Say Something” is a great slogan, but is rendered useless in the hands of our political class and bureaucrats. If this fool’s known, documented aberrant behavior as reported by those who knew him (including the school officials and police, not to mention the FBI) didn’t show up on the background check to buy the AR15, then I guess Jack The Ripper would have no trouble purchasing a grenade launcher. Sadly, this nut-job’s mental deficiencies/propensity for violence were never followed up and data based. WTF!!.

So, what to do? Well, aside from firing every SOB who failed to do his/her job at every step along the way, why don’t we start with local school boards/school superintendents ponying up the funds to provide electrically locked exterior and classroom doors in our schools.

Also, I know of no school anywhere that doesn’t have military trained teachers on staff. Provide advanced training and arm those who are willing. I get upset every time I hear the argument that we don’t want our schools to be armed zones. Bullshit!! If you had YOUR kid in class and a shooter on the grounds going classroom to classroom do you think your child would have a better chance surviving in a classroom with an unarmed teacher or one with a 9mm Glock and the training to use it effectively?

City governments, school boards and school superintendents could begin providing electric locking doors today - they don’t need the federal government to move on this. The damn feds and political bureaucrats have failed our kids long enough - those idiots couldn’t lead a one-man parade.


Frankly I have never liked armed camps and that is what we are turning our school systems into. As tragic as These school shootings are, adding armed teachers or guards to patrol the hallways of our schools, tells our kids the system failed.
What needs to be done is look at the conditions of the children today and recognize the immediate issue is lack of actual parenting and parental controls over children and lack of discipline. Second we acknowledge that there are, out there, young people with severe mental problems. These kids need to be ferreted out and helped. I grew up with kids in pick-ups and a gun rack with a gun in it. Nobody shot anybody, there was respect. We had our bullies, yet we were taught to face the bully and that taught us to face the world when we grew up.
Time to gain control of the schools, protect the children until we can gain control of our homes again. Then this sort of thing need not happen any more.


NJC, I agree we have a culturally deficient society and the family and many of our institutions are broken. This deterioration has taken decades to produce - that said, if you know how to turn that around please share . Stating the problem is NOT the same as solving the problem.

As for sending the message to our kids that the system has failed should we lock our schools to intruders and place a few responders in the immediate area I would respond thus: Bullets ripping apart their friends and watching them laying dead in the hallways is a sure-fire way to demonstrate failure.

Totally unacceptable.

Finally, holding those who drop the ball accountable for their mistakes/willful ignorance/willful in-action is absolutely necessary.


Part of the solution is Turning back to Christ and to family values. First and foremost, the family unit is the total solution to preserving the freedoms we used to enjoy. The breakdown of kith and kin comes from an outside desire to remove personal controls and responsibilities from the individual and pass them on to the state. Look around, that seems to be the response, doesn’t it.


This is the only solution. And the whole reason we have this problem is that the enemies of marriage and family- and with them, their Creator- have gone to great lengths to make it so. I don’t see it getting better until Christ sets things right.


Ann Coulter’s current column is BRILLIANT, and clearly tells us what happened and why.


Read it . . . concur.


I have said repeatedly that our problems are not political, but spiritual.


Don’t disagree with any of you regarding the need to return to faith, family and basic values. I would, however, point out it took decades for our culture to rot to the degree it has and it will take a VERY long time to remedy that situation - assuming it’s even possible.

In the meantime, we had best get on with taking the pro-active, practical and constitutional corrective action available to us or we will continue scraping up bodies and blood from the corridors of our schools on a regular basis.


But isn’t that the truth? Has the system not failed massively? There is a former Florida cop who is alleging Miami Dade and Broward county school officials and LEOs… just click through here: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/7zxwnd/broward_county_school_sheriff_officers/ and then follow those links. It’s about how school systems and police departments are allegedly letting student criminals walk scot free to look better and qualify for federal grant money. I originally saw that someplace besides reddit, but I can’t remember where now, and it’s the same story. If you click through the “police affidavits” link at the bottom and read the comments, there are other retired cops alleging similar schemes in other places. I don’t expect the press to go after this story, though. The whole rotten system stinks to high heaven.


In virtually every mass shooting the perp has not really been a “Lone Wolf”, but a KNOWN Wolf.

As qixlqatl points out, news is surfacing that this kid was never arrested or reported on because it would have a negative impact on the school’s/police department stats, thus a reluctance to pro-actively intervene and document.

We play “coulda, woulda, shoulda” during the aftermath of every one of these killings. It’s always the same - crying, hand wringing, finger pointing and nothing changes as we go on to the next headline.

Numerous school expulsions, incidents of threatening behavior, killing animals, threats over the internet of mass school shooting and 40+ police contacts and not one arrest/attempt at court/psychiatric intervention and not one piece of documentation that would have kept Cruz from passing a firearm background check.

People, that’s failure on a MASSIVE scale. It’s the TRUTH. We had better come to grips with it by holding people who make these judgments and decisions accountable and employing safeguards to the extent our constitution allows. Regarding this latter point - Locking doors and controlling who sets foot on our school campuses seems a reasonable place to start.


As long as the left controls the education system, it ain’t gonna’ happen.

Now this is an important test for Trump’s Education Secretary . . . Betsy DeVos.

Can she step up and curb this nonsense? Will she, as DocMike suggests, hold people accountable?

Of course, a lot of this is controlled by the local school boards, which Betsy has no authority over, and which are RULED BY THE LEFT.

Until that changes, we will continue to see this crap.