1 Dead, Multiple Injured in Shooting at Douglas High School


Sadly, I am no more optimistic than you, BobJam. We have already had our collective gnat’s ass attention span move on to tariffs and back to the omnipresent, on-going and never ending Russia collusion probe.


The MSM was happy to dump their precious adolescent crusaders against guns as it became more and more obvious that the FBI and Broward LE were far more responsible than the NRA.


Here we are weeks later and no one, I mean no one has been held accountable who was in a position of authority and able to take proactive measures to intervene in such a way that this freak would not pass a background check to secure a gun, would not go unnoticed by the court, a court that could have required psychiatric evaluation/intervention/documentation. On the contrary, it appears the school and the police were satisfied to simply have this ticking time bomb kicked out of school while turning a blind eye to his threats, internet rants, etc. while everyone else who came in contact with this guy was sounding alarm bells all over the place.

See something, say something my ass. Anyone other than the cop on grounds when the shooting started and who, I should point out, was completely outgunned by this rabid teenager - anyone been fired, demoted, suspended? Has anyone been called to explain why such an obviously and grossly mentally defected and blatantly dangerous kid could simply be removed from school and set loose in the community without further intervention? Anything been done to ensure such a travesty doesn’t happen again? What the hell do YOU think?

And now, moving right along, the House today passed a bill called “STOP” - it authorizes $50 million be given to the country’s schools for training/prevention of future such emergencies. Keep in mind, the $50 million was NOT appropriated, simply authorized. For those that don’t know, there is a difference. I don’t know how many schools we have in the US, or if such training would even be beneficial, but my guess is we are talking $50, perhaps $75, per school.

This is why there is such little respect for our elitist political class. They live behind gates, work within heavily secured buildings and far too few of them really give a damn about much beyond providing the appearance of doing something and getting reelected.

I spent my adult life saving the lives of those I was trained to save. Emotionally, the worst thing that could ever happen to me would be if I were to be placed in a situation in which I would have to take a life in self defense. Yet, I train diligently and I carry. I carry because I know that should the need ever arise - as it did for those kids 6 weeks ago at Parkland High - the politicians have no real interest in protecting me and the police will not likely get there in time.

And now, without solving a damn thing, as a nation let’s schizophrenically move on to tariffs, collusion, Rocket Man, etc.


The Trump administration, and before that his campaign, is so corrupt and filled with shady characters that he makes Obama look like Marcus Aurelius.


What the Hell has the Trump Administration got to do with the shooting in Parkland??? Are you trying to hijack THIS thread, too?


Actually, Anderson, Trump and his administration makes Obama look like the punk he was. That said, to characterize your response as obtuse is an understatement.