10 Awe-inspiring events in the universe--really cool video!


Wow! This video is REALLY COOL!!! Almost incomprehensible! I especially thought the last one (#1) was so cool. Also would love to visit the “diamond” planet!! Check it out! I love science!

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Hyper velocity stars are amazing also CT. Wow an object that sense traveling at that speed. So many wonders in this wonders with so many more out there to be discovered :slight_smile:


I was also thinking about the “white hole” that is the opposite of a black hole and is theorized to have had something to do with the “big bang”… In ndes, it is common for people to experience a bright light–brighter than they can describe. Makes ya think, don’t it? “I am the Light of the world…”


Good point CT, it always seems to come back to LIGHT doesn’t it. What about the transfiguration scene in the bible where Jesus shined brighter then the sun when he entered eternity to converse with Moses and Elijah.

No wonder why the apostles were transformed after the resurrection.


Also, in the latest Shroud studies, scientists at one time thought that the Image was put on the cloth by a scorch of some kind. They ruled that out, but now they believe it was some kind of super-intense light of some kind unknown to man. Gives me shivers…


CT, the image is scorch like but unlike a scorch this image was not formed by heat.

Shroud of Turin - evidence it is authentic; the real shroud of Jesus Christ

This links talks about how scorched images are fluorescent but the shroud image doesn’t which meant it was t made by a scorch method. Sturp also showed how it wasnt made by heat because of this.

On a side note even patheos.com has an article about the shroud. The young lady who started that blog was an atheist when she first started posting articles, and recently she converted to Catholicism . She recently was on Fox News either last year or the year before. It was an amazing conversion .

Shroud of Turin: Let’s include the basic facts, please


John Jackson’s cloth collapse theory fits the evidence best, as it stated the body of the man on the shroud phased out into another dimensionality and passed right through the shroud as the image was formed. Jackson cloth collapse theory even predicted that a second more faint facial image of the shroud would be found on the backside of the cloth and sure enough when the back stitching was taken off by nuns during the 2002 restoration they found the second faint facial image just as Jackson predicted.

The Shroud of Turin: John P. Jackson, “An Unconventional Hypothesis to Explain all Image Characteristics Found on the Shroud Image” (1991)


The amazing things about the Shroud just doesn’t end. As technology continues to advance, I think the Shroud is going to unveil It’s even more startling and awesome attributes–which will cause more and more scientists to have to scratch their heads in wonderment!!


Which will in turn humble them and hopefully help the, to let go of the rediculous theory of scientism