"10 Most Miserable Cities In America" - Forbes


Forbes recently published its top 10 most “MISERABLE” cities in the U. S. - Their operational definition of “miserable” is heavily weighted to economic factors - unemployment, housing, along with certain quality of life factors.

What is both interesting and instructive about this list is the fact that heading the list is Detroit, in the 10th spot is New York - with the entire top 10 most miserable cities in America being made up of 3 cities in Michigan, 3 in California, 3 in Illinois and, of course, 1 in New York state.

Michigan, California, Illinois and New York - all four states under the thumb of Democrats - With 3 of the four, Michigan, Illinois and California experiencing generational/long term control of Democrats.

Gee, could their be a pattern here?? Of course. Yet, we elect and then reelect a Democrat to lead the country - with his reelection coming in the face of a very weak economy, high unemployment, skyrocketing energy prices, colassal spending and debt, a burgeoning government in both size and control and tax increases.

Anyone having confidence in our electorate going forward should seek clinical intervention.


The old saying, ‘misery breeds company’ seems to be vindicated by this study. Liberals/democrats are a herd animal that must gather in high concentration to creatwe their utopias of misery. Oherwise, if they moved out into the wide open coutryside, they would see that life actually can be quiet and pleaseant even without a local government comitted to wiping their posteriors on a daily basis.


Most of the most “miserable” cities have been the victims of globalism, not Democrats (although surely Democrats haven’t helped). Both the GOP and the Democrats have embraced globalism as the True Faith, and it is difficult to find voices prepared to question this bipartisan consensus that the consumer is king, and to hell with working folks.


Actually, they have been “victims” of largely Democrat/liberal policies that have rendered them unable to COMPETE on what inevitably has become the global marketplace!! Inevitable in the sense that one can travel to the other side of the world in a day and by way of the internet in 5 seconds!!


Globalism is not inevitable; it is a policy choice we have made, for good or, as I believe, for ill.


Globalism can be discussed on at least 2 levels. One is political - globalism on the political level, that is a one world government, is ludicrous, as “the world” does not share common goals/values. In that sense, the notion of a “world community” is substantially moronic. On the other hand, we are tethered/intertwined economically to many/most other countries on the planet. Detroit, for example, couldn’t compete when its unions threatened and demanded and received from a frightened/weak management, contracts calling for “job banks” that paid members $10s of thousands of $ annually whenever they were out of work. I could go on forever - but, no need.


I’ll leave it to others to speak of cities on that list of which they have knowledge, but I can say that the 3 CA cities on the list, Modesto, Stockton and Vallejo are not “victims” of “globalization” (why does that sound like a euphemistic smokescreen for UAW greedbaggery?). Vallejo got clobbered by the closing of Mare Island naval base, and the police and fire unions being unwilling to face the fact that Vallejo really could not afford the contracts they demanded. The city caved, hoping something “would turn up”. Stockton and Modesto got clobbered by the bursting of the housing bubble and spendthrift ways (possibly with union help). Stockton and Modesto were also likey affected by the court-ordered drought in the San Joaquin Valley, that being an agricultural region.


I have an idea!!!