10 pounds of bat guano found above Fla. official’s desk


10 pounds of bat guano found above Fla. official’s desk
2:06 PM. CST March 12, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The state agency charged with inspecting Florida’s restaurants and hotels has a festering infestation lingering overhead — literally.

Ten pounds of bat feces were found Thursday in the ceiling above the desk of Department of Business and Professional Regulation Secretary Ken Lawson, located in Northwood Centre.

The find comes amid a surprise effort by the Florida Legislature to move 1,500 state employees out of the building this summer after reports of mold and other environmental problems. Pending Gov. Rick Scott’s signing of the budget, employees will begin moving out in the coming weeks and months.

Hmmmm … maybe there’s a reason some bureaucrats’ regs are …


bat crap crazy!


This would have been a perfect fit for the old cartoon “HATLO’S INFERNO”, titled “SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED”!:coffee_spray:


Something I miss, think I started reading that when I was 10…


Where have you been, 17??? Haven’t seen you around in ages! Missed you.


sick, Sick and SICK. What started as a fall cold became "Super Bronchitis’ taking 4 rds of stronger and stronger antibiotics shots/pills, steroids shots/pills. I have only got back from it in the past week and had it since before Christmas. Felt worse than at anytime in my life…


So sorry to hear of it, 17! I’m glad you’re on the mend, though. Do you get a pneumonia shot? I did but I don’t remember if you have to get a “booster” shot or not. I was very sick before the holidays, too. And, it was the same thing: bronchitis. I haven’t had a bout of it for over 10 years or so. My doctor didn’t give me any antibiotics, but she gave me some medication to stop the coughing and something else. It took about 3 weeks to finally feel better.

Anyway, just glad you’re back and on the mend!