100,000 Refugees to Arrive in 180 American Cities


Coming to a town near you!:wave:

Roughly 180 cities nationwide will receive a minimum of 10, 000 “Syrian refugees,” who are mostly neither Syrian nor refugees, and not “properly vetted.” Additionally, ten thousand is a misleading number—as it excludes an additional eight people each refugee is allowed to bring. In this way, ten thousand actually translates to 90,000.

The U.S. Refugee Public Affiliate Directory (published by ZeroHedge) lists the 180 cities in 48 states where refugees will be sent—thanks largely to Catholic Charities and a few other organizations receiving federal funds. Only two states, Montana and Wyoming, aren’t receiving refugees through this program.

100,000 Refugees to Arrive in 180 American Cities ⋆ The Constitution


Balkanization in overdrive …


I can’t find the thread where I mentioned that Obama said that those who opposed bringing in the refugees were afraid of women and children. Correction on that - he said they were afraid of widows and orphans. Funny, isn’t it, how many of those “orphans” are big, strapping young men of military age.


Oops, DN strikes again