100 All Time High Scores

I am announcing my official retirement from the Arcade. Going out on top as they say.

I may still play, but not for the glory. heh heh

(yes, I have alot of stress from work and this helps


4 months and still king of the arcade?

you people suck! heh heh:wave:

come on tp erkins or berrt or parentoffsome or gonesomthin, knock this king off the hill!

I’m coming! Fighting a cold, buying a car and actually spending a bit of time reading about politics. I know, silly me reading in an arcade site, what was I thinking?

Some people here have done the arcade to death, and there’s no more challenge in it. Also, there are quite a few glitches, as I understand. Actually, don’t look at me, I never play.

right, games first!

actually I get too worked up over the politics… without the arcade I would look like this all day :angry26:

woo hoo

back on top by 1!!!

It’s getting harder and harder to beat the All Time High Scores. I doubt that I can make it back to that 100 mark again. We’ll see if anyone else can do it.

Just like Ali, don’t know when to retire.

it looks like we are tied at 75.

heh heh

back up to 77

There’s 100 all time scores for ya Dork:slayer: :banana: :wave: :beerchug:

it’s about time!

heh heh

good job tp! :beerchug:

I was trying to mess with you today but didn’t have time to keep it going.

Thank you!

Of course you couldn’t let it stay for 24 hours could you:crybaby:

the temptation was too strong… I’m a weak man. :sad: