1000 percent more, fake Service Dogs, yep it's California


California, of course… more regulations and more idiots.


It makes me cringe every time I hear someone claim their purse dog (and the equivalent for male humans) is a “therapy dog”. It trivializes people with real needs and dogs who have been trained with unique skills.

BTW, with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq having happened from 2002 onward and CA being ~10% of the population of the US, there would have been a very large increase in true therapy/service dogs in CA.


When you see the patch on the dog or you ask the person and the word is “Therapy” you can bet its phony. I asked one lady with a purse dog what kind of Therapy and I forgot her answer, but its as stupid as saying ‘my hang nail’. IIRC it might have been ‘blood pressure’. I asked, how does your dog detect that? She told me he could smell blood pressure…yea, right, you now have the most valuable dog in the world and you are carrying it around in a bag!

Then there is the: No, you can touch, or even look at my dog, its a service dog! Really, MY service dog interacts with people all the time, in fact I want and encourage it. He is a PTSD service dog and he has a job, he works for the County I live in Court system, they use him to provide Therapy for the times when young children are in court for calming them down. He has a badge even. In MOST cases the times that folks don’t want you to interact with the service dog is when the dog is in TRAINING, after that, interaction is no generally an issue.


smell blood pressure… hahaha :vb-rofl:


Evidently, service dogs can be trained (over the period of about a year) to sense when diabetics’ blood sugar is out of normal range, but BP? I don’t think so.