11 Univ. Cali-Irvine Students charged with heckling Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren


11 University of California Students Charged With Heckling Israeli Ambassador

This comes out a year after the event occured.

Typical left-wing media doesn’t say a word about it.


So much for freedom of speech. If they were threatening him I can see charging them with a crime but heckling?


They were interupting the guy’s speech, and kept screaming arabic curses


Ok understandable now. They were being a disruptive element at a public event. I would not have charged them but merely removed them from said event.


:yeahthat: Seems like a slam dunk for disorderly conduct. Trespassing when they didn’t leave when asked.


Yep. Real life trolling by Palestinian morons


I didn’t know members of the Obama Administration were there too!


:howler: Greatest Post of the week