112 Reasons


112 reasons (and counting!) Hillary Clinton should be our next president

[COLOR=#000000]Dec 19, 2015 by Elizabeth Chan and Emmy Bengtson


Yes folks, for you that just don’t understand WHY Hitlary should be POTUS you can read it here on her own website…I will NOT be responsible if you VOMIT on your keyboard!!![/COLOR]

  1. Our democracy should work for everyone—not just the wealthy and well-connected.

Self-refuting list?

28. Have you seen the Republican debates?

Well, yes. I’ve seen the Democrat debates too, but that doesn’t mean that Trump doesn’t suck either.

  1. She has spent her life fighting for a fairer America.
    Are we there yet? No? Why not?
  1. She’s been fighting for women and children her entire career—ever since she started working at the Children’s Defense Fund after law school.
    How long has she been fighting? And apparently losing? And she wants to be in charge when we go to war. Be very afraid. Not sure she’s been losing though. It’s more like she’s been fighting the Little Green Men all her life. God help her if she *loses *this fight.
  1. She believes we need a new and comprehensive commitment to equity and opportunity for communities of color.
    Our commitment to equity and opportunity is still in the Bill of Rights. No new anything needed. Not the victims and special snowflakes might want to embrace the equity and opportunities that are staring them in the face.

As senator, she championed the Paycheck Fairness Act and co-sponsored the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to help close the wage gap so women earn equal pay.
It was already closed.

Community college should be tuition-free for every American.
And food, and housing, and medicine, and doctors, and internet, and transportation, and pretty green parks, and weed, and … ah, screw it, everything ought to be free.

Bleah, I need to work. Don’t have time to keep reading this moron. I have to pay for my food, and housing, and medicine, and doctors, and internet, and transportation and pretty green parks, and e-cigarettes, etc. and so forth.