127 Mobsters arrested in one of the Largest Mafia busts in history by the FBI.


Nearly 127 Arrested in Sweeping Mob Roundup
[SIZE=3]The criminal accusations spanned several states and several decades, encompassing figures from seven mob families, and led to the arrest of nearly 125 people on federal charges on Thursday. [/SIZE]

**[SIZE=3]There were murders, including a double homicide over a spilled drink in a Queens bar. There were the more run-of-the-mill activities associated with organized crime: racketeering, extortion, loan-sharking, money laundering, gambling and the like. **
**There were even some names from mob lore, including Luigi Manocchio, 83, the former boss of New England’s Patriarca crime family, who was said to have dressed in women’s clothing to avoid capture decades ago. He was arrested in Florida, accused of another mob standby: shaking down strip clubs, in Providence, R.I. **

I love my homestate of New York. This is a job well done by the FBI.



When are these moronic mobsters going to learn that the mafia days are over. The unions are not theirs anymore, they lost Vegas in the 80’s, and people are not afraid to go to the FBI now. Freakin idiots.


If the government wanted to do something good for the people, arrests like this one are a good start.


Well less Mafiaso’s on the street, shaking down people? Cool.


I never thought this would happen due to corruption etc. I now have faith that people will choose to do the right thing rather than line their pockets.


[quote=“jez_24, post:5, topic:28924”]
I never thought this would happen due to corruption etc. I now have faith that people will choose to do the right thing rather than line their pockets.
[/quote]Oh I don’t know about that since Obama and his cronies are still in office. In Chicago there is support for Rahm Emanuel who is a known Chicago bad guy. The ads are trying to paint him as a caring guy while the nation knows he what he really is like.


I’ll believe this is a worthwhile endeavor when they are tried, convicted, AND in prison.

Until then, this is just a good PR move by Holder. They will all be on the street momentarily if they are not already released.



Good point.


Be sorta fun to keep track of all the ones that ‘disappear’ in the meantime.
Or end up in Obama’s cabinet. lol


Oh man don’t ruin it for me haha I’m imagining it like a typical movie plot where the good guys win…none of this politics complicating matters! but I guess that’s reality.

My understandiing of the New York mafia comes from movies so this attitude is to be expected :wink: tis is the first actual news story I’ve ever read that talks about them…to me, they are almost mythological.


I live just outside of Philadelphia, which has/had it’s own Mob figures.

Here is some entertaining reading on the mob.
I’m not sure of the actual dates of the following links;

Philly Mob Figure Acquitted of Murder - ABC News

A Mob witness it’s hard to get a fix on

Mob underboss Martin Angelina sentenced to probation for assault - Philly.com

Robbers clip wrong victim: Wife of reputed Philly mobster – Philadelphia Daily News | www.platinumringdiamonds.com

NJ Police Pick Up Reputed Mob Figure

Mafia attacks church prior’s house after Easter procession snub

This link will keep you entertained;
Mafia Today


PHILADELPHIA - It was a big bust of underworld wiseguys, but why was the Philadelphia mob left untouched?
The feds rounded up 127 alleged mobsters and “associates” from Florida to Rhode Island.



Haha you were the guy that I had a laugh with about that statue & scaffolding in Philladelphi :smiley: that was pretty funny. Corruption & incompetence

Thanks for the links, i’ll check them out now & fill out my understanding of the mob x


Sleight of hand. Shell game. I have a bag of peanuts, I must sort out the bad ones, so I will pick out the ones with the corrupted shells because I can see these. the really rotten ones at the bottom of the bag are left to corrupt the rest of the bag. BUT it makes the AG look good [ or so he thinks ]