13 Random, Obscure Sports Facts

The title speaks for itself, thought this was interesting

13 Sports Facts That Even The Most Hardcore Fans Don’t Know

Seriously the Steagles? I don’t care how many men were drafted for the war how was that ever a thing?!?


Then Clay you show your ignorance. It was the MAIN thing in the early 40’s. There was need, and the manpower for the war effort was great and every one who was able suited up. Young athletes, many enlisted and many more were drafted. Today most young people wouldn’t lift a finger for their country. Back then They were proud to do so.

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But the Steelers and the Eaglescombined!

Honestly, that should be our national mascot. How can you top a steel eagle?

I’ve heard of the “Steagles” before. That was the ONLY one of the 13 obscurities that I DID recognize. The rest were news to me.

…A giant mithril eagle :geek:

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Back then They were proud to do so.