13 Years in the 'rubber room' with full pay and benefits


13 Years in the ‘rubber room’ with full pay and benefits
Phil Boehmke
American Thinker

Public school teachers who have been charged with misconduct or incompetence and removed from the classroom are sent to the “rubber room” to wait (an average of 3 years) while their case is resolved. They continue to receive full pay and benefits in exchange for which they must clock in and spend the normal school day in detention. Some of these public servants read and play games with their fellow educators or catch up on their sleep.

According to the New York Post, 75 year-old Roland Pierre has been soaking up $97,101 per year plus full benefits (including pension and vacation) for an astounding 13 years, ever since he was accused of molesting a sixth-grade student at Brooklyn‘s PS 138 where he had been employed since 1986.

After conducting an extensive investigation, Ed Stancik recommended that Mr. Pierre should be terminated.

Officials would not explain what happened since, but sources said the criminal charges were apparently dismissed, and a DOE disciplinary case was dropped on a technicality.

This just reeks! If the charges were dropped because Pierre was innocent, why wasn’t he brought back into a teaching position? If he is a threat, how did the charges get dropped? Full salary and bennies for doing nothing? The taxpayers of NYC are so getting …