14 year old ELECTROCUTED by father for not marrying his cousin


14-year-old killed for refusing to marry father

I think we should just all calm down and eat some fruit. I think muslims are getting a bit bloody watching the muslim brotherhood rioting in the streets of egypt. Now, another dad has electrocuted his fourteen year old daughter for refusing to marry her father’s 53 year old male relative. Of course the mother doesn’t want her husband held accountable because the fourteen year old disgraced the family. alrighty then. I’m sure you libertarians should have no problem here.


I condone the killings of Muslims by other Muslims. Only 1.4 billion more to go. Remember dead Muslims don’t hijack planes or suicide bomb night clubs in Israel.


Somehow Emma, I don’t feel the sincerity.


Then feel harder.


oh that’s horrible! :frowning: You’re right Caroline, that poser seems pretty active. I MEANT poser, it wasn’t a typo.

I suggest people that read the article Caroline posted also read the comments. A lot of them are clearly from Muslims condemning this, and honour killings in general. Please look at what muslims themselves have to say about this kind of thing, they don’t like it any more than we do… Of course there are large groups who DO, because otherwise it wouldn’t happen.

I can’t understand the legal mumbo jumbo with this hangover


I don’t mind. Dead Muslim girls don’t breed and we all know Muslims breed terrorists.


Looks like you need to join the line then. The world would be better off without idiots like you.


Murder is murder. It serves no good purpose except in rare circumstances, and even those are left open to the judgment of God in the end. I very much doubt that this 14 year old girl was any threat to anyone.


What makes you think I’m an idiot? and what’s the line? Is that like another middle eastern religious cult like Islam?


Lets see you first comment in this thread was the most idiotic comment I have seen in a long time on this site. And I won’t bother with that last part seeing as it went completely over you head.


Like thinning out the Muslim herd.

Muslims girls grow up to be the mothers of hijackers and suicide bombers.


Sounds like My post is the only one you’ve read here in a long time because my statement was brilliant.


Seek help. Or better yet I heard the property the Unibomber had is for sale. Go build yourself a little shack there, keep it low so the hijackers can’t see it from the air. As to the suicide bombers, you better set a lot of traps. To be extra safe make sure no one can get in or out once they’re set.


Madam…sir…dumb@$$ what ever you are do as TP suggested and go find help. Sam, Tiny and RET I take back what I said about y’all being bigots. Ya’ll are nothing compared to this person. No insult can truly describe this person. Well moving on.





I’d rather bait them in where hungry bear man pigs will be waiting for them. They say that if a pig eats a Muslim the pig won’t get into heaven because Muslims are filthy beasts.

…and when the pig poops the Muslim out in the morning the Muslim both looks better and smells better than when the pig ate the Muslim the night before.


Emma. I have no doubt that it’s gonna come down in the end to either their existence or ours. And i firmly hope that that we will at that time come to some firm acceptance of whatever it is that we must do. I just think your statements at this time are…not civilized.


Request denied.


Okay, reporting you to the admin…


[QUOTE=Starring_Emma;425549 ]Like thinning out the Muslim herd.

Muslims girls grow up to be the mothers of hijackers and suicide bombers.[/QUOTE]

You advocate killing my wife and accuse her of raising our son to be a terrorist. Don’t come anywhere near my family. You are insanely hateful.


I think she (?) may be more young than anything. And frankly i haven’t determined if her remarks are legit meaning… is she baiting us at a conservative site to get us to say something she could use. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt for a few more posts though. As far as reporting her…nothing she’s really said is seriously worth reporting. More like the talk of adolescence and we’re used to THAT here in one form or another.

I don’t report Americans. I think it is un-american. I also have a strong sense that any admin at this site knows full well what is going on in THEIR forum.