17 year old sentenced to 40 years in prison for raping and murdering his teacher


Um…this happened 2 years ago and I’m just hearing about this now. I wonder why… This kid should be thrown in jail with no chance of parole. In 40 years he’ll be 57 years old and will still have plenty of time to reek havoc and murder. This is outrageous! Where is Sharpton, Jesse, BO and the rioters??

~Philip Chism Sentenced To At Least 40 Years For Murder Of Math Teacher


Let’s just hope that in 40 years he isn’t granted that early parole. (Something tells me he won’t be.)
He should be serving two life sentences.


40 years? Yeah, right! 25-30 years is more likely, due to “good behavior”. And that’s assuming MA doesn’t elect another hare-brained lib guber like Dukakis!


He’s already tired to kill someone in charge of him in jail, as well.

Presumably, he won’t get out, since he’s pretty certain to get his ass killed by other prisoners. He’s not right, and prone to random violent outbursts. That’s not a great way to survive prison in general, but especially when you’re as skinny as this dude.