18 Gangs within the LAPD

“There are at least 18 gangs within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department,” according to the investigation, and they are allegedly tied to the deaths of at least 19 people, all of whom were men of color. Castle’s reporting includes a database of names of deputies reportedly involved in these gangs. The department did not speak to the journalism outlet for the series.

This week, the civilian oversight board charged with keeping tabs on the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) announced it’s launching an investigation into the prevalence of deputy gangs within the department.

So the police are policing cartels working within the LAPD.
Since its formation in 2017, the Commission has been tracking the issue of deputy gangs. There is a long history of documentation on deputy gangs, including the 1992 Kolt Report, the 2012 Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence Report, the Inspector General’s Analysis into the Banditos, Loyola Law School’s 50 Years of Deputy Gangs Report, Knock LA’s Investigative Series into Deputy Gangs, and most recently the 2021 RAND Study on Understanding Subgroups.


They Keep Us Safe They Serve Us?

I wonder what the criteria for “gangs” is?Three deputies to qualify as a “gang”? Does LA require officers wear body cams?Of course that would allow people to see what really goes on, which BLM and the Left don’t want you to see either. I seem to remember Rand Corporation as a think tañk of liberals in Vietnam. Wonder who finances these studies? George Soros???CAUTION ADVISEDEvery year every college in America require students to write a thesis. Besides graduation, a goal is to be published. Many “news outlets” then publish under headings like “studies show”, especially if there is anything sensational .
Political science is rife with this.

as in Ayn Ran, they are a Libertarian think tank.

Cops that push drugs and run colors and take out opposition on the clock. The body Cameras go off when they want them to they have the ability to turn them off at any time, or just not simply wear them. The worst gang within the LAPD is the Banditos 20+ members are doing life. So yes gangs have infiltrated the LAPD since the 90s. Not even MSNBC will mention this. Even left media and Joe Biden rail against defund the police.

Thanks for the reply. I found it informative and well documented.
I wonder what Joe Friday would say…

Obviously the main stream media is very pro police so is our current president the defund the police thing is a plurality on the left and the minority on the right there are people of both political stripes that have seen the level of Corruption and essentially just think we will be better protecting ourselves with a Glock. Obviously the Democrats want to replace the police with social services and the people on the right and the people who like their cars rather replace the police with a much more affordable 22 acp