18 Times Obama Trashed America While In Asia…


Here are 18 separate attacks he unloaded while in China and Laos:

[]There are still too many poor children in the United States
]Too many children in America are not getting enough to eat(Thanks Michelle)
[]Despite America’s wealth, we’re not providing sufficient educational resources in poor communities
]America lacks the “political will” to help poor inner cities that have suffered discrimination.
[]Americans are “lazy” in thinking we don’t need to learn about foreign nations.
]Colin Kapernack is justified protesting the National Anthem, as the NFL star is raising “real, legitimate issues” about things America needs to be talked about.
[]America suffers from racism, conflicts between ethnic groups, and discrimination against immigrants.(fostered by obama)
]Criticisms of America being imperfect and having problems with racism discrimination are accurate.
[*]America still has “situations where women are not treated equally.”
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And some wonder why he gets no respect from Americans let alone foreign leaders who would not think of doing so of their nations.


I am sure there is more…yea I know its all WHITEY’S fault that the poor blacks cannot read or write in spite of having a college degree…