1896 Bryan Pins that Apply to Modern Democrat Voters

I just purchased a group of William Jennings Bryan slogan buttons that cover a variety of topics. These pieces were made with a silver background, but that faded off of them fairly quickly. Now, 126 years later, their age is showing, but some things never change for Democrats.

The trouble is when government is spending more than $1 trillion at a clip, inflation will follow.

Back in 1896, Bryan and his followers wanted to inflate the money supply with an unlimited supply of silver coins, mostly silver dollars. Today the Federal Reserve does it with computer entries which are dollars that exist only in the virtual world. It’s called “Modern Monetary Theory,” and the little professors love it. They tell us the government can spend all it wants and there will be no consequences. RIGHT :crazy_face:

Here’s another one.

That’s more than likely … BUT they don’t tell you that the prices for goods and services will probably go up faster than you wages.

Finally, here’s an idea that never grows old and almost never works. Let’s spend and inflate our way to prosperity.

The nomination of William Jennings Bryan in 1896 marked the Democrat Party’s first big lurch to the left. Bryan provided the next leftward lurch when he helped Woodrow Wilson get the Democrat nomination in 1912. Then FDR came along in 1932, and it’s been off to the races since then.

Many Democrat presidents strive to be the next FDR, and the results from Lyndon Johnson, Barack Obama and now Joe Biden have not been pretty.

And the Bill of Wrongs.