196 Congressional Dems sue Trump (you can't make this up)


Almost 200 Democratic members of Congress sued President Trump on Wednesday, alleging that he is violating the Constitution by accepting foreign money through his business empire.The lawsuit says that Trump is in breach of the Foreign Emoluments Clause, which says that the president may not accept payments from foreign governments without the consent of Congress.

The suit was filed by 196 members of Congress – 30 from the Senate and 166 from the House.
Representative John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, said it was the largest number of plaintiffs in any congressional lawsuit against the president in the nation’s history.
The complaint says that the Emoluments Clause was meant to ensure “that our nation’s leaders would not be corrupted by foreign influence or put their own financial interests over the national interest.”

196 Democrats are suing President Trump over foreign money - Jun. 14, 2017

											THE COMPLAINT
				Senator Richard Blumenthal and Representative John Conyers, Jr., along with 194 othermembers of Congress, for their complaint against Donald J. Trump, in his official capacity asPresident of the United States of America, allege as follows:
											Case 1:17-cv-01154 Document 1 Filed 06/14/17 Page 18 of 54

				1. Plaintiffs, 30 members of the United States Senate and 166 members of the UnitedStates House of Representatives, bring this action against President Donald J. Trump to obtainrelief from the President’s continuing violation of the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the UnitedStates Constitution, which was designed to ensure that our nation’s leaders would not be corruptedby foreign influence or put their own financial interests over the national interest. To achieve thoseaims, the Clause provides that “no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under [the UnitedStates], shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, orTitle, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”1 Through this measure, thenation’s Founders invested members of Congress with an important role in preventing thecorruption and foreign influence that the Founders sought to avoid—permitting federalofficeholders to accept otherwise prohibited “Emolument[s]” only if they first received “theConsent of the Congress.”

				2. Defendant, President Donald J. Trump, has a financial interest in vast businessholdings around the world that engage in dealings with foreign governments and receive benefitsfrom those governments. By virtue of that financial interest, Defendant has accepted, ornecessarily will accept, “Emolument[s]” from “foreign State[s]” while holding the office ofPresident of the United States.

				3. Because the Foreign Emoluments Clause requires the President to obtain “theConsent of the Congress” before accepting otherwise prohibited “Emolument[s],” Plaintiffs, asmembers of Congress, must have the opportunity to cast a binding vote that gives or withholds their “Consent” before the President accepts any such “Emolument.”
  1. Despite this constitutional mandate, Defendant has chosen to accept numerous
    benefits from foreign states without first seeking or obtaining congressional approval. Indeed, hehas taken the position that the Foreign Emoluments Clause does not require him to obtain suchapproval before accepting benefits arising out of exchanges between foreign states and hisbusinesses. Because Defendant has failed to come to Congress and seek its consent for at leastsome foreign emoluments that have been the subject of public reporting, it is impossible to knowwhether Defendant has also accepted, or plans to accept, other foreign emoluments that have notyet been made public. By accepting these benefits from foreign states without first seeking orobtaining congressional approval, Defendant has thwarted the transparency that the “Consent ofthe Congress” provision was designed to provide.

     			5. Moreover, by accepting these benefits from foreign states without first seeking orobtaining congressional approval, Defendant has also denied Plaintiffs the opportunity to give orwithhold their “Consent” to his acceptance of individual emoluments and has injured them in theirroles as members of Congress.
     			6. To redress that injury, Plaintiffs seek declaratory relief establishing that Defendantviolates the Constitution when he accepts any monetary or nonmonetary benefit—any “present,Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever”—from a foreign state without first obtaining“the Consent of the Congress.” Plaintiffs also seek injunctive relief ordering Defendant not toaccept any such benefits from a foreign state without first obtaining “the Consent of the Congress.” 


Sorry, but NOTHING in the Constitution says that the President must impoverish himself in order to serve…period. The “emoluments” clause was designed to prevent government officials from being BRIBED. Some diplomat staying at a Trump-owned hotel is, by NO definition I’ve ever heard of, a “bribe.”


The attorney generals in Maryland and DC are doing the same thing. This is just part of the continuing harassment campaign that the Democrat Party is employing to make life as difficult as possible for President Trump.

The Democrat Party wants to Trump to fail, and they are doing everything they can to make that happen. The Democrats don’t care about this country because they are “citizens of the world,” where in a perfect society there will be no international boundaries – just one big socialist world run by the UN.

I guess we need to elect a president who is bankrupt pauper, who is bipolar and totally dilutional. That way The United States could fail faster. Successful people should not run for president, at least as a Republican.


When Barack Obama joined the U.S. Senate in 2005, he was a 43-year old former law professor making $85,000 a year. In the 12 years since then, he won the White House, reworked the nation’s laws, ended two wars—and earned $20 million.

barack-net-worth-20-million-pie-chartThree-fourths of that money came from lucrative book deals, according to a FORBES analysis of 16 years of tax returns and financial disclosure documents. In total, Obama has earned $15.6 million as an author since arriving in Washington.

He has made $8.8 million from his bestseller Audacity of Hope and children’s book Of Thee I Sing: A Letter To My Daughters. Sales of his memoir Dreams From My Father, originally published in 1995, also took off once he landed in the nation’s capital, resulting in a $6.8 million windfall for the president. Obama made another $3.7 million from government salaries.


IF a single book was sold outside the US, then Obama goes to jail…


Assuming what you posted is true, WHERE did that other $5 million come from? His salary sure doesn’t account for it–and the last estimate I heard was that he’s got something like $100 million secreted in off-shore, numbered accounts.


It was in the link on the page, guess I should have put a link to the pie chart that was on it also…tried to past it but it did not work…