Who here is old enough to remember when there were only three stations and some of them signed off in the early am with this …?
(Something sad about this. I just don’t know why?)

And if the stayed on the air for a few more hours and broadcast TODAY’S news, I would have thought it was a bad SciFi movie.

Always loved that poem and related it to my own experiences as a once-upon-a-time pilot!

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I’d never seen/heard it for a signoff, but I’m familiar with the poem. I understand that it was originally written by a British Spitfire pilot. I see in the opening frame of the video (I can’t watch it due to a chronic case of dial-up) an F-104 Starfighter; cool!

“High Flight,” by John Gillespie Magee Junior. A few months after creating this lyrical work of art, the brilliant young Spitfire pilot died in a tragic air accident. He was just nineteen.

I just saw some of this yesterday after I posted. I hadn’t realized he was so young or that he’d died. From what I read yesterday, he was actually an American, and flew with the RCAF in a Spitfire in England. The accident was a mid-air collision in a cloud.