1st Amendment And "Boobs"! 8)


These idiots have no idea that they’ve been trolled and busted as hypocrites!
(I think that most of you see what Clay Travis did there?) :joy:


Really stupid conversation. Why is it here?


Not stupid at all!
I had assumed that folks …

Ah forget it!
Not worth the time explaining to such a snarky response anyway!

Have a mod delete the post since you don’t feel it belongs here!

With so few posting here after this terrible forum format update … I’m sure that employing “posting police” will help to increase the participation!


njc17, it’s here because this Fox commentator was kicked off CNN because of this conversation.


My point was, and is, with all the news that’s unfit to print, we have a conversation regarding some lady’s boobs, and apparently the person who spoke these lines reaffirmed his point. thereby taking away the emphasis on the original conversation. Apparently also, the lady’s brains seemed to been in her boobs. Anyway I just had to respond, sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings.