2 Iowa police officers killed in apparent ambush attacks


2 Iowa police officers killed in apparent ambush attacks | Fox News

Without warning or prior interactions. Disgusting and indefensible.


And yet Hillary as the brass to meet with representatives from Black Lives Matter, and accept their support …

That alone is enough to disqualify her for the presidency, and yet that is among the most minor of examples of her dishonesty and poor judgment .


I have no doubt that there are police officers out there that are as bad as bad can be, no doubt at all. But our president has fostered a disrespect & yes hate for all police officers across the country that is insane. It’s like he wants to take guns away & then have riots so that he can declare martial law. While that seem far out & yes an insane conclusion to come to, I can think of no other justification for his actions if you look at them as trying to achieve some sort of goal. Certainly he doesn’t care about lives that are lost & oddly he is fair about it. Black or white lives, neither matter to him. Our first black president has set us back almost 40 years, back to the days of civil unrest. Being a conservative & disliking socialism I of course look at Obama’s actions & policies as bad. But in the area of race relations I view them (& him) as despicable.
Jimmy Carter was probably in my view the worst president that we have had that I lived through. Having said that I sill have a small bit of respect for him because I view him as having a good heart & being well meaning, but being basically clueless on everything. I can not say anything like that about Obama because I see nothing good in him.


I think that Obama has been a poorer president than Jimmy Carter was. Part of the reason is that the times have been more challenging during Obama’s time than Carter’s. The United States was in a stronger relative position in Carter’s time than it is now, but Carter certainly played a role weakening this country during his time in office.

He allowed the Iranians to play us completely during the Iran hostage crisis which made us look weak. Carter spent too much time wringing his hands in public and emphasizing the fact that the Iranians had us over a barrel. He should have kept quiet and spent more time with behind the scenes diplomacy.

Of all of Obama’s failures, his mishandling of race relations is his worst domestic breakdown. We are back to the 1960s where riots and violence are common and hatred and distrust between the police and the African-American community is the worst it’s been in 40 years.

So far as foreign policy goes, Obama has failed on almost every front. The problems with Iranian nuclear deal will only become obvious as events unfold, and once they do the effects will be far reaching. I am afraid that we are headed toward at time when fear of nuclear war will be even greater than it was in the 1950s and '60s.


Guys, as much as I understand you wanting to make this political, this was the murder of two cops by a cowardly pos. It was a hate crime, plain and simple.

I’m not sure it makes alot of sense in this attack to go right to the well of federal politicians when these things happen. It reminds me of a cartoon I saw a few years ago that showed a guy loosening the nut on his bike tire, riding it down a hill, invariably wiping out and yelling “thanks Bush”. The point was made, not everything is the fault of a president.


The point was made, not everything is the fault of a president.
I see what your saying shockedcanadian but I DO see the armed attacks as political related & directly related to Obama. As I said about I think that was exactly what he wanted to do.


…which merely illustrates that you haven’t been paying all that close attention to what Obama has been doing. He’s CREATED and ENCOURAGED this “we vs them” attitude among blacks in America. And, he’s STARTED this as far back as his immediate accusation of racial bias in that instance involving his old college professor and the police who found him breaking into a house near Harvard’s campus. He immediately accused the police of bias before the facts were known and has jumped to the identical conclusion in each and every instance of the police shooting a black thug.


The guy they arrested isn’t black though.


…but you can bet your bottom dollar that he’s a liberal–which DOES matter as they all take their marching orders from Obama and his minions in the DNC.


Black or white, they are seeing in the media that it’s open season on the police. I believe that does matter & may get someone to go that extra step. Of course I also believe all of the media coverage of mass shootings brings the nuts out of the woodwork for more mass shootings. Those are just my beliefs, feel free to disagree.


Friends,it is in the proper spirit that we revere the lives of our heroes in blue.
But on the subject of “Cause and Effect”…

  1. Overcrowding in jails/prisons allow the violent to roam the streets, regardless of race.
  2. The lack of a workable mental health system that actually does something besides provide medications and makes most unstable persons be “outpatient”, with little or no oversight is the work also of the liberal. Check the woods and alleys near where YOU live…there are homeless people everywhere…and almost ALL have some degree of mental illness.
  3. Categories 1 & 2 are able to obtain WEAPONS ,illegally and legally. The weapon is only the TOOL of categories one and two.
  4. Every sane hunter KNOWS that ,when you have a gun, you just GOT to shoot it! That “itchy trigger finger” is not a myth. Why do you think that road signs in rural areas have bullet holes? Why pop cans out in the woods have been blown to kingdom come? Guns are made to be shot! If we legal-types feel that way, what sort of compulsion do you suppose THEY are likely feeling? My goodness, Mr Liberal President, you got your hands full fo’ sho’ if you don’t deal with categories one and two.
    And “Johnny Law” is in his squad car, doing paper work, and somebody comes along from ,you know…and we have another blue statistic.

The Senator


He has a confederate flag out, a Ted Cruz bumper sticker, and a Trump/Pence sign on his lawn.
Try again.


No guy with those accoutrements would kill police.


Yes, he did.
It was well documented several weeks ago.

You’ve fallen into the “My political side is full of amazing great people, and the other political side is full of evil bad people” trap.


He has a confederate flag out, a Ted Cruz bumper sticker, and a Trump/Pence sign on his lawn.
Try again.
With the current events we are seeing, how do we know that Hillary didn’t have someone put all that stuff in his yard. That sounds like her & Obama. (wink)


no…I haven’t. But something sure smells. All just too convenient.


Obama has set a tone though out his presidency. His first reaction is to blame the police and pull back only slightly if he’s wrong. As the president he has an obligation not to take a position until he knows the facts. He is also is the president for ALL Americans not just African-Americans. He came office as a community organizer, and from what I’ve seen he has not grown one centimeter. He still acts like a community organizer, not a president.


And you know all this just HOW? This stinks to high heaven. Remember that the Democrats are terribly good at finding weak-minded people to use as posers.


And so back to my humble “Cause and Effect” statement…unfortunately, liberals are not the only challenged people with mental illness.
SOME fringe types may figure that police deaths are a positive thing for Trump…you know, the “Law and Order” candidate. Lawlessness and disorder could be thought to drive voters towards Mr Trump…just a notion… something like that reminds me of Nazis burning the Reichstag in Berlin. Same sort of warped right wing thought as opposed to the standard left wing idiocy we usually see. (Somebody said if you go far enough RIGHT you end up LEFT, and vice-versa…things get kinda GRAY and BLURRED out on the fringes.)


Of course, the CONSPIRACY THEORY is a favorite American game, so ya’ll go ahead and play.