2015 is Hottest Year on Record

For the second year running, temperatures across the globe were the warmest since records were first kept in 1880.
*The United States, despite record temperatures in December, fell just short of a record in 2015. But in separate analysis from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA, the rest of the world led by parts of South America, Europe and Africa made up for that, ensuring 2015 broke the record by a widest margin ever.
*2015 was hottest year ever, with records set around the globe | Fox News

"2015 smashed the record for the hottest year since reporting began in 1850, according to the first full-year figures from the world’s three principal temperature estimates.
Data released on Wednesday by the UK Met Office shows the average global temperature in 2015 was 0.75C higher than the long-term average between 1961 and 1990, much higher than the 0.57C in 2014, which itself was a record. The Met Office also expects 2016 to set a new record, meaning the global temperature records will have been broken for three years running.
***Temperature data released in the US on Wednesday by NASA and by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also showed 2015 shattered previous records.

Another independent temperature record, from the Japan Meteorological Agency*, indicates 2015 was by far the hottest year on record**.
*2015 smashes record for hottest year, final figures confirm | Environment | The Guardian

The only logical explanation is a world-wide conspiracy involving every country on Earth, all top tier universities, thousands of scientists, scientific organizations with decades of groundbreaking research and pioneering accomplishments (NASA, Los Alamos/Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Britain’s Royal Society), and respected periodicals like The Lancet, Science, Nature, and National Geographic. Oh, and Fox News.

It’s the only thing that makes sense.

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  1. The issue has never been Global Temperatures, the issue has always been whether man is controlling global temperatures by our actions; Man is not.

  2. Every year for the past decade we are told that this is “The hottest” or “One of the hottest” years on record, and every year the evidence comes out later that the data has been manipulated by liars with a political and/or financial agenda.

  3. Reading thermometers and using the “results” to justify the outlandish religious based zealotry of the man made global warming extremists bastardizes the entire discipline of science, it is like finding a single sentence written by someone who died 100 years ago and surrounding the text with an entire book extrapolated from that sentence; then claiming that the book came from the dead author.

  4. There is no need for any “conspiracy”, every single priest of this ridiculous religion has a monetary or political motive right out in the open for all to see. They all know that their Lemmings will never challenge their assertions because they trained their Lemmings in public schools to never think critically and to always worship and trust their god; the government.

Actual Science is the enemy of these religious propagandists and science is a stubborn and relentless foe.


What RET said.

And as for those thousands of scientists, any scientist in academia who won’t sign on off on the gospel of this religion faces viscous retaliation from the Global Warming Inquisition.

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The issue in my mind is how you measure historical “world temperatures”? They say most of the warming is in the high latitudes. Can someone print out for me temperature records for the last century and a half for Barrow, Alaska, Coppermine (err, Kugluktuk), Nunavut or McMurdo Station in Antarctica? For most inhabited areas I know of the temperatures have barely budged.


It helps when the lazy “scientists” who keep these “records” simply eliminated those reading stations that took some effort to go and examine and relied solely on those near the “heat-island” cities.

I believe this past summer is the coldest summer I have ever experienced. Although most of them have their hot days, I have not seen a summer that was overall almost unbearably hot as I have seen in the past.

We had a very moderate Summer here in Texas.

Oklahoma City had VERY few days over 100 degrees this past Summer. Highly unusual in my 30+ years living here.

It doesn’t really matter whether global warming exists or not. Well, it matters, but not from a policy standpoint. We’re not going to do anything about it anyway. China and India are not going to massively disrupt their economies trying out crazy renewable energy schemes. Fossil fuels are popular because they’re cheap and reliable. We didn’t power this country with windmills and solar panels. We did it the old fashioned way: burning megatons of coal!

You guys think Obama is this wacko environmentalist, but what did he do right after signing the totally toothless non-binding Paris Climate Deal? Signed a budget deal lifting the 40 year ban on exporting crude oil. I can tell you the environmentalists were not happy with that. They haven’t been happy with much of what Obama has done: fracking has driven oil prices into the cellar; coal exports have skyrocketed since 2008. Bernie has pledged to ban fracking, but Hillary openly pushed it as SOS and won’t talk about it on the campaign trail. Like everything else in life, money talks and bull**** walks. If it’s in the ground and valuable, we’re going to dig it up and use it (or sell it), no matter who’s in power.

So what we have to look forward to is India and China building more natural gas and coal power plants, and hundreds of millions of Chinese and Indian citizens are going to be entering the middle class and expecting to live the middle class life: air travel, cars, appliances, homes, computers, phones, etc. You can’t make that stuff without spewing out a whole lot of greenhouse gases.

It doesn’t matter what America and Europe do. It all rests on what China and India do, and we know they’re going to grow their economies as cheaply as possible. I hope you guys are right that the warming we’re seeing is some solar variation, or global conspiracy, or precursor to an ice-age, because if it’s not, we’re totally screwed.

Obama crippled oil production in the Gulf and tried to stop fracking, North Dakota just green lighted everything faster than they could establish an Enviro-Nazi excuse to ban it.

And the idea that the Left will consider for one second the facts regarding how futile and irrelevant any economically destructive actions would be when only we engage in them is ludicrous. We have decimated whole industries in this Country and California has even upped the anti more because they think it’s not enough, this in spite of having the highest poverty rate in the Nation.

Liberals do not give a damn about anyone who works in the Private Sector with the exception of the very few who are Unionized, and even they do not matter enough to stop the Left from driving those industries out of the United States.

The entire Enviro-Nazi movement exists solely to destroy the economy of nations that practice Capitalism, there was NEVER an “environmental concern” behind any of it and there never will be. If the Left ever succeeds in establishing total Socialism they will be as quick as China and India to embrace the most efficient energy options that exist, in the meantime these lies serve only as a tool to help bring about that end.

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I think you need to get out more often.

The reason that the Keystone Pipeline was “disapproved” was because one of Obama’s biggest donors is highly invested in railroad tanker cars which currently carry those Canadian tar sands oil to the U.S. gulf coast and the pipeline would cost him billions! It’s as simple as that. “Environmental damage” has NOTHING to do with anything. There are tens of thousands of MILES of pipelines in the US carrying everything from water to coal slurry–including natural gas and crude oil. Abandoned or disused pipelines are even used to carry underground power lines and fiberoptic cables in some places because they add a bit of extra protection against being accidentally cut when some knucklehead digs without checking first.


Well, if I only had the many decades of experience working in multiple industries that have been targeted by the Enviro-Nazis like you have I would be able to speak with more veracity, as it is I just have to guess since I have never done anything productive in the private sector.

If only those with immense experience in the private sector producing the real things that make life possible in the United States (such as yourself) would spend more time educating those of us who live a sheltered existence where others carry all the water; maybe our unfathomable ignorance could be corrected.

Until then I suppose I will just have to wander around, making assumptions based on nothing more than hearsay from others whom I lack even enough acumen to determine if they are credible.


About 15" of global warming on my deck last evening:



Gotcha beat! We received 27 inches from Friday until this morning. It’s beautiful!

"The January 2016 globally-averaged temperature across land and ocean surfaces was 1.04°C (1.87°F) above the 20th century average of 12.0°C (53.6°F), the highest for January in the 137-year period of record, breaking the previous record of 2007 by 0.16°C (0.29°F)."

"*Japan shows similar trends but different record years
NASA isn’t the only agency showing record warmth in January, although the baseline years used to determine temperature anomalies do affect the anomalies and rankings, along with other factors.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), which is another agency that keeps tabs on global average surface temperatures, also found that January 2016 was the warmest such month on record.*"
Global warming in overdrive: We just had the hottest January ever recorded

Agreed. However, from the meteorologists’ explanation, it was due to El Nino, not global warming. Most scientists are not in agreement of whether or not El Nino/La Nina have attributed to global warming.

“Hottest on record” is a meaningless comment since we’ve only been keeping relatively accurate “records” for a bit over 50 years now–ever since “science” discovered that they could con Washington out of barrels of cash by declaring an “impending emergency.”

Are any of you aware that two “scientists” were given a grant to study the “methane output” of Australian termite mounds a few years back? They needed to calibrate their instruments daily and were told that CFCs were “persistent” in the soil so they saturated a square yard of dirt with Freon. However their calibrations remained “iffy” and they discovered that soil bacteria were CONSUMING the CFCs in their dirt patch!


1998 (the year “the pause” started) was also a strong El Nino year, so the comparison is apt. AND monthly records were set all through 2015 (which was the hottest year on record), according to both JMA and NOAA.

Either there’s a worldwide conspiracy among all the industrialized countries on Earth to fudge the data, or the Earth is warming up. No one seriously believes the former anymore, so what do we do about the latter? Ignore it? Hope it goes away or some technology will be invented to reverse it?

No. We QUIT with the fiction that burning fossil fuels is CAUSING any warming of any significance–or WILL do so at some time in the distant future, and learn to LIVE with the FACT that climate changes and has been doing so since LONG before humans ever appeared on the planet. CO2 is PLANT FOOD. More in the atmosphere means hardier and healthier plants which provide food and oxygen for all animals. In short, we ADAPT to the changes instead of trying to STOP the changes from happening at the expense of all of humanity.