2016 Candidates on Abortion


Trump, foolishly (for his campaign) yet accurately said that the mother should be punished for killing her own unborn.

Hillary, acceptably (for her campaign) yet disgustingly said that the unborn person has no constitutional rights.


Odd how the SC says there is a right to abort the unborn and deprive it of life at the mother’s whim yet that they can’t find reason to to allow that little life birth… even when ‘life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’ is clearly stated.


If abortion is not a valid issue for this campaign…why does Matthews and the media keep talking about it. Why does Hillary keep reminding women she is all for them using abortion as their preferred method of birth control.


I’m personally disinclined to punish women for having an abotion, at least generally speaking. Probably the majority feel pressured into it, either because of listening to the world, or because their boy"friend" or husband threaten to leave them if they don’t. Others are sex traffic victims whose pimps take them to get an abortion, and the likes of PP wink and look the other way.

In any event, the vast majority- contrary to the lies of pro-abortion activists- end up regretting their abortion terribly. Focus on the Family had a good discussion on this topic last week. That’s plenty of punishment enough; and those who have heart enough to truly regret it need help, not condemnation; Christ went to the cross to save us all.

I don’t think I would mind jailing women who were utterly unremorseful for their abortion.

Getting back to that point about the lie of the abortion industry/lobby claiming women don’t live with guilt and regret about abortion, I’m reminded another lie they perpetrate; and utterly hypocritical one. They claim that Christiand stop caring about the baby once he or she is born (what a crock; Christians have a solid history of adopting some of the most difficult-to-place children), but the truth is the “women’s healthcare” abortion industry doesn’t give a rodent’s hind end about supporting the woman after the abortion. They’re in it for the money (and in some cases, for more specifically satanic reasons), and once they have the check, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


…or worse–once you decide to HAVE the baby instead of aborting it, PP and other abortuaries wash their hands of you and not-too-politely escort you to the front door!


Who said it’s not a valid issue? I refuse to vote for a pro-life candidate as much as you refuse to vote for a pro-choice one.


So you are ANTI-life? Explains a lot.


A statement which he has backed off from considerably. It’s quite clear that he’s not pro-life, or at least considers abortion to be a very minor issue.


He shouldn’t have backtracked. Still…>he’s right. If abortion is illegal, someone has to pay the penalty for breaking the law. That would certainly stop a lot of it. Do you know that 50% is repeat business? Serial aborters.


I don’t get it. He wasn’t specific with any minimum sentencing. In the case of partial birth abortion very few people (pro-life or pro-choice) will make an argument that it is not cold blooded murder. In cases of very early abortion I would not want criminal sanctions on the woman and I don’t believe that Trump would either.


I disagree. Most liberals I see online don’t give a rats behind about whether the unborn baby is viable or even feels pain. Their stance is that the woman’s choice (forgive the pun here) trumps the baby’s pain or life.


Most liberals that you see online represent a very small portion of those that self identify as pro-choice. It drives conservatives nuts but the vast majority of Americans do not see abortion is not a black and white issue.

PS In real life, I have never met anyone who is OK with all abortions or prohibiting all abortions. People online, yes. Pandering politicians, yes.


Pro-choice is a lie. They are not pro-choice. They are pro-abortion. Planned Parenthood is only interested in one choice and that is abortion which os the choice that makes them to most money.