2016 Election At A Glance


The general election as I see it developing:

If Trump captures the nomination - either outright or as a result of “horse trading” at the convention - in all probability a significant number of Conservatives along with a sizeable contingent of Independents will stay home in November.

On the other hand, should Cruz capture the nomination there can be little doubt a significant number of Trump supporters will refuse to go to the polls for Cruz in November.

That said, should anyone other than Trump or Cruz gain the nomination the widespread revolt within the Republican Party rank and file would most likely and understandably be swift and sure. I would imagine that not only the presidential election would be lost, but very possibly the House and Senate along with it.

Against this backdrop and with these three very real possibilities looming large, the Republican convention will take place in Cleveland. The political vitriol that will no doubt be on display inside the convention hall will likely only be surpassed by the vitriol generated by the riots and consequent and necessary police action on the streets outside. Of course, the outside activity precipitated by such radical groups as “Black Lives Matter” and ramped up by the likes of moveon.org will provide a wealth of visuals that will be used in political ads for Hillary and her Left wing acolytes.

Good luck. We’re going to need.


As to this portion of your analysis, we are definitely living in alternate universes. The radical activity (which will almost surely become violent) is going to be at both conventions and will help Trump or any other GOP candidate (if they don’t wuss out). Nixon scored a landslide in 1968 because people were sick and tired of this kind of crap on the streets of America. It didn’t matter whose convention it took place at. Everyone knew that there were only three kinds of democrats, those that condoned it, those that were incapable of doing anything about it and Mayor Richard Daley.


I’d support Cruz if he managed to win a plurality of delegates. He was always my #2 guy, and my opinion of him hasn’t changed much since the start. I never saw him as a nearly flawless man, as many of his backers seem to, but he’s very good by Washington standards.

There’s vastly too much extrapolation from Cruz’s side. Most of Trump’s voters are perfectly fine with Cruz. He was consistently their second choice, even when the field had 15 candidates.

That’s why I was always mystified by Cruz’s people carrying out a verbal jihad against Trump’s voters. We’re really not the ones who started that, and I genuinely question why it seemed like such a compelling and necessary thing to you. Trump may have been the one who set the nasty tone in the media, but Cruz’s voters were the ones who decided that the voters on the winning side were their enemy.


My guess is that many loyal Trump supporters won’t be that happy with Cruz if/when he is selected to be the Republican nominee while being 250 to 300 delegates behind Trump going into the convention - which will most likely be the margin.


Cruz was my number one guy until he hired on Neil Bush and Phil Gramm. The man is a phony through and through.


And you may get it. The FBI is interviewing people and will probably wrap up their investigation soon. If they recommend charges be filed, we will probably have to nominate Sanders, which would terrify the GOP and force you guys to nominate someone moderate, like Kasich.


The Democratic convention won’t be violent. Compare the race between Hillary and Bernie to Cruz and Trump. Bernie won’t even hit Clinton on her emails. It’s about the nicest political contest I’ve ever seen. Trump and Cruz despise each other. If Clinton gets the majority of pledged delegates (which is pretty likely), Bernie has already pledged to support her. The Sanders people won’t like it, but we’ll vote for Hillary, especially if the GOP nominates Cruz or Trump. Democrats know there’s going to be 2 or 3 SCOTUS vacancies coming up. We want our people on the Court, and that means winning the presidency, even with someone as sleazy as Clinton.

BLM will do their usual protest, but who are they going to be violent towards? Hillary supporters? Bernie supporters? Please.


Like I said above - should anyone other than Cruz or Trump walk away with the nomination - especially a candidate viewed as “Establishment”, such as Kasich - and the Republican turnout in November probably tanks regardless the Democrat nominee. Kasich will likely win but 1 state, Ohio, and show up at the convention with fewer than 300 delegates - probably much fewer. His selection would not sit well and could result in losing the Senate as well as the presidency.

Starting out with a field of 17 candidates was shear lunacy to begin with. Couple that with a totally pissed off Republican rank and file. Then into this witches brew lob the grenade known as Trump and top it off with conducting what, 13 or 14 “debates”? The Republicans produced a recipe for disaster and disaster seems the most likely outcome.

It is really quite impossible for me to see how this dung pile gets sufficiently straightened out.

BTW - I think it more likely that Biden and Elizabeth Warren would be thrown into the breach if Hillary is fitted for an Orange jump suit. But, who the hell knows?

ONLY the Republican Party could have figured out how to lose this election.


It wouldn’t be Biden- he doesn’t even have a single delegate. No, it would go to Bernie, who’s actively campaigning and already won over 900+ delegates. If it DIDN’t go to Bernie, and his supporters are anything like me, the DNC would have to write off an entire generation of voters, because if they pull that kind of stunt, I would never vote Democrat again, and I don’t think I’m alone.


Your candidate “started that”, Trump supporters merely made sure that everyone knew that they would not hesitate to perpetuate any lie that Trump told about Cruz and they would give no pause to slandering a good man in order to get their Liberal the nomination.

I don’t want your vote, I don’t want you anywhere near the effort to establish Constitutional integrity to this Nations government and governance.

Exactly, you do not get it and most Trump supporters have made it clear that they do not want to “get it”; Character is just not something that has value to the Trump contingent.

That “decision” was made by every Trump supporter who decided that whatever Trump uttered that day would become their “truth” and evangelism message, there is no common ground between those who respect good character and those who would call Cruz a “Bought and paid for liar” for no better reason than trying to make a Leftist Liar like Trump look less despicable by comparison.

I have spent decades watching how a political party that invites Leftist Liars “into their tent” governs, I want no part of perpetuating a fresh round of the same; Trumps views fit the Democrat Party and Trumps supporters embrace the same values as registered democrat voters.