2016 Straw Poll for RO: 2013 Edition


In honor of the New Year I thought we could conduct a straw poll.

I thought I would base it off of the model Freedom Works is using for its latest poll.

It goes like this:

List your top three choices for President, and list your least favorite choice.

Try to keep it realistic. I will do some research and post mine later.


As of right now, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan. I have an open mind, and therefore no least favorite choice.


Top 3:
Rick Perry
Marco Rubio
Rick Santorum

least favorite:
Rand Paul


Top 3:
Marco Rubio
Chris Christie
Rick Santorum

Least Favorite:
Obviously Rand Paul (Unless he doesn’t run and Gary Johnson or someone like that does) Actually I hope Johnson and Paul runs just so I can see the Paulbots go nuts!

I don’t picture Paul Ryan as President or even running again. I know Christie wants it, but the question is, will the GOP back him?

Optional: I want Huntsman to run as an independent. I’ve seen his comments about how broken the Republican Party is. He’s setting himself up nicely for a sane third choice between the two parties. Not enough people appeal to the Paultards/libertarians fringers, but I’ve seen Democrats and Republicans COMING TOGETHER to support Jon Huntsman. And isn’t that the point? I’ve also seen Libertarians and Democrats alike saying that Huntsman was one of the few intelligent voices in the party left. I think he has since left the Republican Party, so it’ll be interesting to see what he does. I may even vote for him if he decides to become a democrat. That’s a big if though.


Things can turn on a dime, a lot can/will change in the next 4 years - but I’m not sure a Repub can win in 2016. That said, my 1st choice is probably Marco Rubio. Repubs can’t win without a big showing among hispanics - that’s just the way it is. Rubio’s story is compelling and I think he is conservative enough - but mainly, I think he might be able to win. Santorum would be demonized relentlessly by media regarding social issues. I think he’s a good man, but it is what it is. Whomever the Repubs nominate he/she will be up against their Dem opponent, media and what has now become an important group in American politics - the Recipient Class. I’ve been disappointed in my 2nd choice lately,Christie - but he’s in your face outspoken. One of the problems we have among Repubs is timidity. It might have cost Romney the election - example: he remained silent in the face of moderator Candy Crowley’s debate debacle regarding Benghazi/al Queda resurgeance - he stood silently and allowed her to bail out Obama on the issue. Christie isn’t intimidated and, by the way, neither is my 3rd choice - Rand Paul. Rand Paul is Ron Paul’s son - he isn’t Ron Paul.

I will be interested in watching how this saga unfolds among Rubio, Christie and Rand Paul between now and the next presidential election. Would be no surprise if someone none of us are talking about takes center stage.

That said, barring some event or revelation media can’t ignore or explain away to her benefit, I think Hillary Clinton is our next President - if she decides to run.

I know some of you are thinking, “Yeah, but what about Benghazi?” Our media will run interference for her all day long. I think the chances of any lasting damage to her over Benghazi is VERY slim. Too bad, all she has accomplished as Sec Of State is log air miles- she has been notably ineffective and with respect to Benghazi, downright incompetent.

All that said - we have to fill congress with conservatives to make any real headway, and I’m not sure that will ever happen.

The importance of having the bulk of media working to get you elected can’t be overstated - IMHO. How else can one explain a failed president being reelected?


Top 3:

Rand Paul
Jim DeMint
Ken Cuccinelli

Least Favorite:

Marco Rubio

Would never vote for:

Paul Ryan
Jeb Bush
Rick Santorum


Rubio is cuban that doesnt help with the mexican hispanics we need to win in NV and CO. We demonize the democrats for being the party of demographics and then we think the same thing that all brown skin people are the same. We need to appeal to them on this issues not the skin color

I will be interested in watching how this saga unfolds among Rubio, Christie and Rand Paul between now and the next presidential election. **Would be no surprise if someone none of us are talking about takes center stage.

I would be surprised, its always been a known quantity that has been the nominee. Usually who finishes 2nd in the previous primary has a good shot.

Reagan finished 2nd to Ford in 1976
Bush Sr. finished 2nd to Reagan in 1980
Dole finished 2nd to Bush Sr in. 1988
McCain finished 2nd to Bush in 2000
Romney finished 2nd to McCain in 2008

The only nominee we have had in the 50 state primary era that wasnt a sitting president or runner up was Bush 43 and his dad was president and he was 2 term governor of the biggest red state.

So I think Rick Santorum is the favorite. Someone might come from nowhere and compete but I would be shocked if they won the nomination.

That said, barring some event or revelation media can’t ignore or explain away to her benefit, I think Hillary Clinton is our next President - if she decides to run.

I dont think Hillary is such a slam dunk. She was a shoe-in in 2008 but the establishment democrats in the party offices are the ones that blocked her and gave it to Obama.


Fine with me: Rubio, Ryan, Paul
Gettin’ on my nerves: Christie
Unacceptable: Santorum, Jeb, Perry

Probably will see some others get in the race too. Time will tell.

Hey Doc…no Newt this time? :beerchug:


You have Rand Paul in your top 3? I’m shocked.


Why not? Unlike his dad…he is a good Republican and not a true libertarian…just libertarian on some stuff (like me). Will make up my mind on him and the others well down the road…but so far…so good.


Well, based on likely/possible candidates I think I will go the same route as Jebby has:

Rand Paul
Jim DeMint
Ken Cucinelli

But my least favorite would be the other Floridian, Jeb Bush. Not that I am a big fan of Rubio either, but he is better than Jeb. I do like Chris Christie in the sense that I like George W., which is that they would be cool to hang out with. But Christie is too liberal.

No more Bushes. No more Clintons.


Newt? Newt who?? What are you talking about, Cam?? LMAO!!


BTW, Jeb Bush is a non-starter for me. He is a Charlie Crist light as near as I can tell. One last point - Does anyone here other than UNT think Rubio would have faired as poorly against Obama as Romney did among hispanics?


Assuming Rubio could have skipped the primaries and just have been the nominee he would have done much better than Romney with hispanics because of his proposed immigration reform. Its hardly an apples to apples comparison, who knows what a primary would have done to Rubio’s position on immigration.


Top 3:
Rand Paul
Justin Amash
Ted Cruz

Least favorite/wouldn’t vote for:
Marco Rubio


Ted Cruz probably isn’t eligible because he was born in Calgary, Alberta.


Yes, Rubio wouldn’t have done much to get the Hispanic vote.

He’s Cuban, whereas most Hispanics are Mexican or South/Central American. He’s white, whereas most Hispanics are not. And most Hispanics, especially the more recent immigrants (post 1980 or so) are not conservatives like the many of the multi-generation Hispanics are or the Cubans who fled Castro.


That’s odd, FreedomWorks has him in their 2016 poll. I’d add Mike Lee to my list.


UNT, while we might have differing views on Rubio and hispanic vote you did hit on one of the reasons I think Romney failed to defeat Obama. You mentioned the Repub primary process and implied how Rubio may not have done well coming out the other end of that process.

The Repub primary season is way the hell too long. The length of the primary is detrimental to Repubs. His fellow Repubs were refering to Romney as a vulture capitalist and out of touch. That went on for months and all the while Obama’s operatives were using similar language in defining Romney for the average voter. Romney came out of the process damaged goods. By the time he was ready to go up against Obama the die had been cast in the voter’s minds. You just can’t have a 9 month process with endless debates in which the candidates beat the crap out of one anotheras a failed president sits back unchallenged until the general election.

  1. Newt
  2. Christie
  3. Rubio

Least favorite: Paul