2017 Median Incomes Highest Ever


Trump administration has good news from the incomes of Americans. The Median is up, and higer than ever!


It actually says 2016. Ergo, nothing Trump has done is to be credited for it.

We shouldn’t anyway; conflation of the President to economic performance is bad practice. The President does not control the economy, he does not lead it, he does not set its pace; it can rise or fall completely independently of his priorities.

The President can impact it poorly, surely enough. Besides that, any good consequence is a result of the economy affirming itself, just like it did before we thought the Government had any useful contribution on the matter.


But it remains good news for the president because Americans, even alleged capitalists, think their president can actually do stuff and improve the economy :stuck_out_tongue: Therefore, it will probably help him and the Republicans. Of course, the Dems will note that it was Obama as if he had the same magical economic powers Trump supporters think their guy has. It won’t matter to anyone anyway, and it won’t be the first time.

Or those Dems will claim it’s all Trump’s fault about a growing inequality of income…