2019 French election


Looks like French voters have shown their majority disapproval of that little macraroni Macron in an embarrassing defeat of his party and policies by Marine Le Pen. I don’t have any links yet seeing as the leftst European media and our traitorous gutter media prefer to give their spin rather than any actual truthful reporting.


Can’t find too much yet.



I’m no fan of Macron, but why would we welcome Le Pen? She’s basically a socialist who hates nuclear power, and rants at speculation like a Marxist.

There’s no government-run industry she doesn’t love, and her response to the banking crisis + France extreme debt is “Let’s nationalize the banks”. She opposes any measure to privatize any part of the public largess.

French Populism just shows how entitled the French are.


The trouble is there does not seem to be much of a choice in these elections. Everyone who to the right of the socialists who run for the mainstream parties seems to be a far right nut case. Yes, Europeans have become too addicted to “getting something for nothing” which is really anything but free.


There is no French Election. This is for the EU. I could explain the difference, but that would involve me explaining the subject of “nuance” and "international trade’ and “blocs”. Have fun patting each other on the back.


If you honesty want a fair and balanced view of the election and what is behind it:


Nationalism, French or others, doesn’t mean their supporters agree on ALL issues. They want control of their immigration, business regulations, monetary policy etc. in the hands of their own (hopefully) representative government and not some bureaucrat in Brussels. It doesn’t mean that they will always make the best choices but they will be their choices. IF I were French, thank the Lord I am not, I could vote for Le Pen without supporting her policies on nuclear etc.


“Fair and balanced” from ABC News? Not holding my breath…


oh for crying out loud. You gotta start SOMEWHERE. Do you think she is worse than Macron??


what I detect is a change in Europe. For too long the elites have run france into the ground. That she has done is remarkable and she has had to withstand some defeat…and same for Tommy Robinson. It appears he has met with defeat THIS time…and maybe next time but it won’t be forever. Europe is going to have to save itself. and it better get to it.


Yes, because unlike Trump, she is connected to the Russians.

Long term, she’ll end up turning France into another Greece while Macron wants them to become more German.

Which plans makes France a bulwark against Russian and Chinese influence? Which plan stomps the African countries the French still nominally “rule” into welcoming members of the Chinese belt & road?


what does it matter. It is the European parliament.


And I’m having to query on your priorities here; are you putting weakening the EU, above resisting Russia and China?

I personally would like nothing better for the Eastern bloc to get its act together, and for them to form another coalition we could support to counter balance Russia. But most of them can’t seem to see past the government-funded green; rubles or RMB. At least the EU is partly geared towards doing this.


Poland and Romania are building up their armed forces and developing close military ties with the U.S. The Eastern Bloc is starting to get their act together. Meanwhile Germany is shutting down all of it’s nuclear power, invested a trillion Euros in solar which operates at 15% or so of capacity and is becoming dependent on Russian energy with NordStream1, soon to be doubled with NordStream2. NATO is dead and Donald Trump didn’t kill it, the Europeans did. Germany’s military is a joke and so are many other NATO members.


Do I want a weakened EU over strong sovereign states? Yes.


The EU is nothing a bureaucratic pile of manure that is dedicated to furthering socialism and undermining western culture in favor of “diversity” because of misplaced concerns over western and “White privilege.”

Yes the history of western civilization has included a lot of wars, discrimination and violence, but if you look at the rest of world history, it’s not that much different. Violence and a lust for power are part of the human condition. At least western civilization has demonstrated a marked improvement since the Second War War. You can say that for the alternatives, like “the radical Nation of Islam.”


Every war in our history–both Western history and the history of the rest of the world–can be boiled down to one statement. “I want what you have and God says I can take it.”


Not with you on this. Hitler’s and Stalin’s motivations (remember that Stalin was allied with Hitler at first) boiled down to: "There is no God, I want what you have, and I say I can take it.


Both Hitler and Stalin had gods. One of them was named “Hitler” and the other one “Stalin.” Both of them were total narcissists.

Hitler even had a pseudo religion where marriage ceremonies were performed with swastikas and whole Nazi motif. It didn’t get very far because not even the German people were ready to sign on to it, but Hitler had his religion in the works for sure. Hitler and Nazis were also into the occult. To the extent that they believed on some sort of supernatural force that could help them win the war, (They spent a fair amount of time searching for it.), that was a sort of religion.


Do you want a France that capitulates to the Russians, and takes the EU with it?

Plenty of French companies were selling arms to them until the sanctions hit; would you like to see that again?