2019 French election


French weapons aren’t too reliable given their troops predilection to drop them and run away when threatened by the Germans, apparently.


and why is france doing that and how does the eu stop it? Apparently they don’t.


no truer words. When you hear of the courage of French troops it is not the norm.


Because they sell arms to everyone; they stopped because of Russia’s aggression.

Le Pen takes money from the Russians. How much is she going to care about Russian aggression?

By being an aid and economic alternative to poor countries in the East who want to rebuff Russian advance.

It’s squarely in the Ukrainian agenda to join them for just this reason. Estonia has done so for the same.


and why did she have to borrow from Russia? Because what amounts to the political left saw to it that she could get no money from French banks. I remember reading of the French gov’t not only taking money from Germany but taking their orders from them.


Don’t need God to say, “I want what you have.” That’s just one excuse. But I agree with the sentiment.


Untrue. Hitler was “religious” believing in the occult and searching diligently for “help” from various deities. Stalin was religious in the sense that he worshipped Karl Marx as “God inspired.”


just want to say that it is a myth that religion was/is the cause of most wars.


this is a catholic source. If you want a protestant source I can post that too.


annnnnd…llooks like Boris Johnson has one foot in the door at 10 Downing Place.