21 arrested as 100s of Trump supporters, counter-protesters clash at Berkeley ...


21 arrested as hundreds of Trump supporters and counter-protesters clash at Berkeley rally
Paige St. John

Hundreds of pro-Trump demonstrators and counter-protesters clashed Saturday at a “Patriots Day” rally in Berkeley, the third time the groups engaged in violent confrontations on city streets in recent months.

Twenty-one people were arrested, including some on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, … . Eleven people were injured with at least six taken to a hospital for treatment, including one stabbing victim.

Stewart Rhodes, founder of the citizen militia group known as the Oath Keepers, said he came from Montana with about 50 others to protect Trump supporters. They were joined by bikers and others who vowed to fight members of an anti-fascist group if they crossed police barricades.

“I don’t mind hitting” the counter-demonstrators, Rhodes said. “In fact, I would kind of enjoy it.”

But Rhodes credited Berkeley police for new tactics that mostly kept the two sides apart and “our side chilled and relaxed,” though sporadic fights broke out among both groups … .

“These people create violence all the time… somebody has to stand up to them,” said Alegria, who was injured in the fight. He was treated by Trump supporters who bandaged his head, washed off the pepper spray and gave him encouragement, saying, “You’ve earned your stripes, bro.”

I suspect a more honest report would have shown that the violence was instigated by the Hate-Trumpers, who maybe got a bit more than they gave. But the LAT reporter couldn’t be that honest and get published & paid (e.g. tarring Oath Keepers as a “citizen militia group”).


The anti trumps were were wearing masks!