2900 on VA wait list - some will die


In his letter to Trump, Wilkes wrote: “Scheduling manipulations and secret wait lists for care in the VA have not been corrected, they have simply become actual wait lists for non-VA care…Those responsible for these mistakes are not held accountable and their careers continue to progress with little or no accountability. The problems are hidden from the VA’s Washington leadership.”

Very broad accusations that I have little reason to doubt!


After all the years of system abuse and corruption, 8 months into corrections, is no where near enough time to see much improvement. Things will get better but you figure the many years it took to get the VA into the mess it’s in, it will take probably just as many years to completely clean out the system. I do think this administration should issue a proclamation to all veterans to consult their local doctors and the government will pick up the tab until the mess is cleaned up.