3 Dead, 8 injured at border


Oh boy…I can already hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth already…

Anyone with a lick of common sense will know who’s at fault here. Read on:


An interesting cite in the article that I’m sure won’t be probed or highlighted by the MSM:

Soooo . . . once again, ILLEGALS get free services, courtesy of US taxpayers.

(And, NO, I don’t know if those “injured parties” were US citizens. If they were, then perhaps they paid for the services.)


Thanks for bringing that up! Well, if those morons were laying in the back of a truck bed going 100 mph, it’s surprising they weren’t all killed. I bet the MSM is going to be wailing about this for the next month…


What is taking place at the border is perfect example of why the wall is necessary, and why none of these invaders should gain entry into this country. Yet Paul Ryan, who is now growing a beard so that he can look like hippie now he’s leaving Congress, won’t let the legislation come a vote.

This why I refuse to give a brass farthing to the Republican Party when they come calling on my phone for money. Why should I continue to contribute money to people who ignore the issues that mean the most to me?


Was that a typo or deliberate?.. :flushed:


No, I need to change it. That darn iPad has a habit of inserting words you don’t want. It’s on the left side of the suggested word tool bar.

What I wanted write was “farthing” which was a very low denomination in the old British monetary system. A farthing was one fourth of a penny.


Always wondered what a farthing was. Now I know.



Okay how much different does it have to be? I made a mistake in a previous post. Cut me a break.

Here is an 1897 British farthing.


Looks like the guy is in a wheelchair. The British had all sorts of different denominations of currency going back to the 17th century. It would make you dizzy to try to make sense of it. Just to give you an idea, the post-decimal system of coins had more than 50 levels including quarter farthing, third farthing, half farthing, and farthing. So, 1/4 farthing was 1/16 of a farthing. It gets worse. After decimalization, coins pretty much were either pence or pound. Paper money was just as confusing. However, at least paper money was/is only in pounds.


During my trip to London, it seemed like the one pound coin was only a penny. It had very little buying power there. They still had the lower denomination coins. They were even more useless.

In medieval times there was only coin … the silver penny. Here are a couple of examples.

Here is a William the Conqueror penny. (ruled 1066 - 1087)

Here is an Irish penny that depicts “bad old Prince John” from the Robin Hood legends. (King of England 1199 - 1216)




Yeah, that’s what I figured. But I think the way it came out was funny, if off-color…


Those are so cool! Thanks for posting them Sendgop!!!



There’s already a wall where this took place; in case you didn’t notice, they died hitting a spike strip at an Enforcement stop.

If the wall worked as you imagined it, that would mean more of this would happen, not less.

Migrant workers =/ invaders, we’ve been getting them since the 1890s.

In 1920s, over 70% of our railroad workers were Mexican. Were we being “invaded” then? Or is this just the law failing to manage an age-old socio-economic trend?

Seeing as how the law, again, was written by the lawyers of the AFL-CIO? Who intentionally crafted the immigration system to be hard to deal with?


Doesn’t matter how long we’ve been using migrant workers. Just because something happens for years and years and even decades does not make it right. Slavery was “legal” for almost a century. Does that make slavery right or moral? It doesn’t matter what work they did or for how long. They were/are still illegals.


It means it’s been happening for a reason.

And yes, it is right, it’s apart of English common law tradition that we treat foreigners like anyone else unless they give us a reason not to.

Following English Common law practice leads to nations prospering; there’s nothing to apologize for.


Nonsense again, AS??? There are laws governing immigrating into (and out of, for that matter) the United States. If you willfully disobey them, you are, by definition here illegally and therefore, a criminal.


Yes, and the reason is very similar to the ones that have made slavery a fixture of human society for damn near all of history.


English Common Law points to practices Civil Law is not supposed to violate.

Laws written by labor Union Lawyers, intentionally making the process opaque and drawn out, to protect their own political power, does not a good system make.

You’re asking for it to be dysfunctional, just like the gun permit system in Chicago.


It was happening for the same reason another immigration wave at the same time was happening; the Italians.

Problems at home, feudalistic arrangements they were tired of, wanting better opportunity for themselves and their children.

Anyone who watches period pieces like The Alienist, offering a hard look of what life for these people were like, would certainly come away thinking dehumanizing practices were afoot.

But to equate them with slaves, doesn’t reflect the truth.


You can’t be that thick, AS. Whatever reason(s) that may be, it doesn’t change the fact that it is ILLEGAL. If someone robs a bank, I’m sure they have their reasons, but it doesn’t change the fact that they have committed a crime. If you murder someone, no matter the reason (exception being self-defense) it doesn’t change the fact that you illegally took the life of another human being. Geesh, AS! I think you argue just for the sake of arguing.