3 Dead, 8 injured at border


You only say that because I don’t automatically accept your position.

Civil Law has to follow a standard described by Anglo-Saxon Common Law. If the law doesn’t, it is in the wrong, more so than anyone who breaks that law.

That is an American standpoint on law. The Founders themselves took this up; if you find this position strange,
it’s because you weren’t that familiar with how they thought.

To them, lawbreaking could not only be permissible, but necessary.


We don’t operate a system of “Anglo-Saxon Common Law.” We operate based on the Constitution supplemented by codified legal statutes. Just because YOU think something SHOULD be illegal doesn’t mean that it actually should. Likewise, just because YOU think something SHOULD be legal, doesn’t make it so.


It’s not like it’s difficult to figure out:
“Yes, and the reason is very similar to the ones that have made slavery a fixture of human society for damn near all of history.”

See “I want cheap labor”.

He was comparing the employment side, rather than the worker side. And yes, people who want a free flow of illegal immigrants are VERY similar to slave masters both in function and morality. It’s a similar model of exploitation.

It’s not like the median slaveholder was beating their slaves and starving them. Most gave them adequate food, and weren’t overly cruel. The issue was exploitation and a lack of freedom - which describes Mexicans in a meat packing plant quite well.


Which was based on Anglo-Saxon Common law, so you’re not arguing this. Hence why Revolutionary era Jurists used the latter as precedent all the time.


See: “poverty cure”

The argument doesn’t hold up, because laborers become enriched and empowered overtime.

The same argument is applied to overshored factories in China, yet the “exploitation” created a 400 million middle class that clearly didn’t exist till now.

Hard to say it’s “wrecking” freedom, if it gives people choices they never had before.

Equally; the Descendants of Braceros or meat packer laborers from the '20s are hardly suffering. They form the bulk of Middle class Latinos.

No slave, no matter how well treated, would have gotten that result.


That’s what new immigrants are for. To ensure you never have to pay your former slaves any more than you ever did before, just bring in new slaves to work for their former wages. It’s worked perfectly for 40 years where wages have been stagnant and fallen sharply relative to productivity - something that wasn’t happening in the decades before we opened up a huge stream of cheap legal labor and stopped preventing illegal import of labor.

You are correct, it brings American workers the same kind of freedom that Chinese workers experience today. Including a Communist government, as a majority of immigrants, both legal and not believe today’s government is FAR too small and doesn’t do nearly enough.


Henry Ford wantonly used fresh immigrants as the labor to build the Model T; it still didn’t result in this.

Labor costs in agriculture have gone up, both here and in Mexico. Crops have overshored because of this. They’re digging up vineyards in California as we speak.

Outside agriculture, fringe benefits have become the order of the day. They have compromised a larger and larger share of worker compensation.

Saying wages have stagnated is disingenuous when total compensation has not.

Labor costs, per employee, doubled between 1991 and 2012. Companies are spending their money on something.


Heh, written like someone whose bed is already well feathered.


Henry Ford was a rabid anti-Semite and racist. Hitler once said that he admired Ford and Ford said the same about Adolf. Not a man I have ever admired.


Stated like an economist responding to Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who created this talking point.

Trying to accuse me of being “above it all” , is pretty strange qix.

I have poor illegal immigrant coworkers, from Mexico and El Salvador.

I competed against them for the job I have, and other jobs I’ve tried to take.

Yet I’m saying “Envy can go hang”. Meritocracy is my bottom line, not political favoritism, or identitarian boiler plate.