3 dozen indicted in largest test cheating in Atlanta


Yeah…let’s continue pouring more milliions of taxpayer dollars into this criminal enterprise…

3 dozen indicted in Atlanta cheating scandal - Toshiba


Facing up to 45 years in prison! Good!!
How about some vouchers Atlanta??!!


“Howard said the girl’s mother, Justina Collins, knew something was awry, but was told by school officials that the child simply was a good test-taker. The girl is now in ninth grade, reading at a fifth-grade level.” (From the article)

*“The tests were the key measure the state used to determine whether it met the federal No Child Left Behind law. Schools with good test scores get extra federal dollars to spend in the classroom or on teacher bonuses.”
At one time, any teacher who attempted to coach or prepare her students for the standardized tests could be fired. It was against the law to give students instructions. Now, it is not just standard practice, but REQUIRED to pre-test students before standardized tests. Kind of cancels out the purpose of the tests. But, again, all of this is due to the BOTTOM LINE: $$$ for public schools.

If people only knew how common this kind of situation is in public schools, they’d be marching to the schools with torches. I have encountered this numerous times when accepting students coming from public schools. I had a fifth grade girl who did not know her multiplication times tables. She never quite caught up. These so-called “educators” should do hard time for what they did to these thousands of innocent children.