3 more arrests in Boston Bombing??

Breaking: Boston PD: 3 more arrested in Boston Marathon bombing
Boston Police Dept. @Boston_Police

                            Three additional suspects taken into custody in Marathon bombing case. Details to follow.
                            [14 minutes ago](https://twitter.com/Boston_Police/status/329612972521558016)                     

Could be REAL or COULD BE A SCAM… This is just an alert to say Pay Attention…could be big news breaking in the next hour or so.

CNN reporting same thing at 11:24…not sure if it is based on the original tweet or not. Nothing on Fox News TV.

11:26…FOX Confirming with SOURCE that 3 more taken into custody. Looking like this is real as Fox confirmed with a separate source from the Tweet.

I hope they’re tea party right wingers!! hur hur hur

'Tis for real. Two Kazakhs here on visas and an American, student friends of the younger bomber, all being charged with obstuction of justice, for having removed and concealed a laptop and one or more other items from the younger bomber’s room.

The Kazakhs are charged with obstruction of justice, the American with giving false statements.

Three additional people taken into custody in Boston Marathon bombings - Boston.com

This PJMedia post is being updated from multiple sources as info becomes available.

Saw all this on Fox News morning show @ 6 AM Eastern.
Tsarnaev had 3 friends at school who recognized him on TV. They text him with that info, and he replied “LOL” and cautioned them not to text them, but they could take anything from his room they wished. They removed a backpack with fireworks which had the powder removed and other items, they thought would tie him to the crime.

Well aiding and abedding. I understand the whole rat mentality but this is a bit above ratting your friend out for raiding the campus kitchen at 3 in the morning.