3000 miles to Las Vegas


Well I am wrapping up a 3 week + trip that has taken me from the ranch to Las Vegas thru Scottsdale Az, Vegas, Lake Mead, Del Rio and a lot of other cities in between.

Politics seems to be on everyone’s lips no matter where I stopped.

The Trend.

Trump by by a furlong

Hillary, no way, no how

Bernie…generally nothing but a laugh, no discussion

The Issues. (In no order) Economy, jobs, Iran, nuclear bomb, Middle East, the direction of America

Much of the time I had weak or even NO service, Lake Mead Temple Bar Marina…feels refreshing to be out of the net and out of cable TV, Fox News. The few times I had antena reception I had only the mainstream media. No wonder people are so ignorant, there is NO newspaper!


I meet many Trump supporters traveling as well, most are hesitant to admit this support until they hear me indicate that I loathe the Left, then the floodgates open about their passion for Trump.

Which makes little sense to me but it is the most common perception by far that I encounter.


Newspapers are as dead as the trees they used to be printed on.

OF THEIR OWN DOING. They became irrelevant, with their skewed, naive Little-Girl Liberalism all through, every day.

It was as if the Women’s section expanded to become the whole newspaper. There WAS NOTHING THERE - just fluff and naivete and the sensibilities of a mid-twenties woman put in a newsroom and told to write.

Cleveland, as I was growing up, had two newspapers. First, the Cleveland Press went down. They were the evening paper; and lifestyle changes hastened its demise; but the reporting was beyond substandard, in the end, to silly.

They went away…ultimately bought for a song by its competitor, the Cleveland Plain Dealer. THEN…the PD went down the same path, with young women in charge of the Business section; the Opinion section, the Television review section. No one was safe from their Girl Scout sensibilities.

The PD today is a three-day-a-week paper attached to a website. Far weaker and more irrelevant, they keep on thumping the tub.

The media is/are committing suicide. And as for the public: better to know nothing than to be indoctrinated.