4 female students who joined ISIS from Canadian school, California connectection


4 female students who went to Syria to join ISIS attended Mississauga school - Toronto - CBC News

A girl and three young women left Canada to join ISIS in Syria after studying at the Al-Huda Islamic Institute in Mississauga, Ont. — a school whose sister institution in Pakistan is now connected to the mass shooting in California.

It’s unclear exactly when the Canadian students travelled overseas, but sources have confirmed they all left in the last two years after attending the school founded by controversial female Islamic scholar Farhat Hashmi.

Hashmi’s ultra-conservative teachings in lectures and online have faced criticism for promoting an extreme wifely subservience to a husband.

School accredited by OntarioAl-Huda’s Mississauga campus opened in 2004. It’s accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education as a private school, where roughly 160 students in kindergarten to Grade 6 attend classes every day.

But in the evenings and on weekends, teenagers and adults can take seminars there. It’s those classes the four Canadians, who ranged in age from 16 to early 20s, took in recent years before leaving for Syria.


Like Jay Severin said the FIRST thing we should be doing in this fight is to infiltrate mosques or schools that are known to be teaching this kind of stuff, selling the literature that espouses it and sharing of who knows what level of information.