4-Month Old Bernie Sanders Lookalike Has Died


Social Media’s 4-Month-Old Bernie Sanders Lookalike Has Died - ABC News

Bernie Baby, the cheerful infant who won the affections of people of all political stripes after his mom posted photos on social media of him greeting Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in a lookalike white-haired wig, oversized glasses and plaid tie, has died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Oliver Jack Carter Lomas-Davis of Los Angeles died Feb. 25, his aunt Anastasia Lomas told The Associated Press. He was 4 months old.

The winsome baby boy quickly became known across the Internet universe as Bernie Baby after his mother, Susan Lomas, posted photos on Facebook and Twitter of him greeting Sanders at a political rally in Las Vegas.


Sad to hear. SIDS scares new parents more than anything. Lots of doctors now believe it’s related closely to sleep apnea in which the baby stops breathing, passes out and dies. There are monitors that can be purchased that alert parents when a baby stops breathing in his sleep, though they ARE a bit pricey. Before they came along, we had adopted our daughter at age 9 DAYS. For months, she slept in our room and I’d wake up 3 or 4 times every night and go to her crib to check on her.