4 teens charged with murder in Warren man’s death



Whatever happened with just putting pennies on railroad tracks as kids?


Normally I would chalk this type of action up to ignorant child pranks that went horribly wrong but even a stupid kid knows that dropping a sandbag onto a moving car is going to have disastrous results, this was per-meditated murder.

Had they been dropping water balloons and caused an accident by startling a driver there would be an argument that they did not intend to kill anyone but not after dropping sandbags, they deserve Capital Punishment.


My sense is that the DA here intends to make an example out of these morons, and I hope the prosecution is successful.

Why an example?

Because it delivers a message to anyone irresponsible enough to try something this stupid that they will be held accountable. That should give pause to some of these idiots . . . although I’m sure there will be some who will ignore that message and go right on being idiots no matter what.

Along with that message of zero tolerance for the teen behavior, I’d also like to see the parents held accountable. I mean, FINANCIALLY accountable.

They should have to pay the victim’s hospital costs, and in this particular case, substantial damages to the deceased’s survivors. (Like what his lifetime earnings WOULD HAVE BEEN . . . times 100!)

If they are upscale yuppies, they should have to sell their home and all their toys (like boats and such).

In any case, whatever their socio-economic status, they should be cleaned out.

Alas, that will likely NOT ever happen.


BTW, “Warren, Michigan” is actually Warren TOWNSHIP and a suburb of Detroit.


I believe I saw photos of the 4 “boys” and they’re all black. So, no financial accountability is likely. Five “boys” threw rocks or something heavy off the same overpass not too long ago. They killed someone too and were found guilty of second degree murder. These little thugs should be sent to Parchman Farms (prison) in MS where they would have to work on the farm in the hot sun and heat all day.


It being Detroit, I suspected it was blacks, but not knowing for sure, I held my tongue.

I did not know it had happened before (apparently, the current crop of “thugs” . . . good way to put it BTW . . . are members of that group of idiots for which there’s NO deterrent).

As far as prisons, I firmly believe prisons should be sans TV, Air Conditioning, and nothing more beyond basic medical care. As it is right now, convicted felons enjoy more luxuries than genuinely poor who WORK hard just to put three squares on the table and keep a tight roof.

Bring back chain gangs working on roads (a la Cool Hand Luke).

IIRC, Alabama has one of those prisons. “Angola”?